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Stuck inside? Maybe you just want to try a fun way for the kids to play indoors. Why not have a camp-in!
We have a child-sized tent and I made a play campfire for my children to add a little more excitement to the pretend play experience. My son put on his camouflage uniform (he likes to dress up like daddy sometimes) and we set up his sleeping bag so he could spend the night in his tent…all while being safely indoors.
Tent indoors with a lantern and backpack inside. Text reads indoor camping activity for kids.

Setting Up Indoor Camping Activity for Kids

 It was so simple to set this all up! We put the kids’ tent in an open space on our main floor-yes it took up a lot of space, but it was fun for the kids. They played with this indoor camping activity so much for the few days we had it set up that it was worth setting it up.

 Making a DIY Toy Campfire:

Step 1: Cut the top off of a pizza box, or cut any piece of cardboard into a ‘squarish’ shape.
Step 2: Gather paper towel tubes and cut in half, or cut a brown paper bag into strips that can be rolled into tubes.
(I used the paper bag option. All I did was cut down the tall side of the bag and cut off the bottom rectangle. I laid the bag flat and cut the bag into strips about 6-8 inches wide by about 18 inches long.  I then cut the strips in half length-wise and rolled up. When rolled, I taped them with clear packing tape to maintain their tube form.)
Step 3: I placed a bead of glue on the bottom of each tube and glued them to the cardboard.
Step 4: Using yellow, orange and red construction paper, I tore strips to look like flames.
Step 5: I taped the flames to the cardboard using packing tape.
Step 6: We had a few battery operated candles, so we placed one in the middle of the bonfire and turned it on to give a glow.

The kiddos had a fun time playing in the tent and pretending to hang out at the campfire. We also placed marshmallows on the end of popsicle sticks, so they could pretend to roast them over their fire. This easy idea to make s’mores indoors would be a fun add-on to the indoor camping play. The play lasted all evening from after dinner to bedtime, and my son lasted all night sleeping in the tent.

Three kids lying on the floor reading a book while snuggled in a tent with light coming from inside. Text reads indoor camping activity for kids.
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This would be a fun ‘Rainy Day’ idea to keep the kids (and you) from getting cabin fever. Try a camp-in when you can’t get outside. Go even further with this camping indoors with kids theme with these indoor camping printable activities.
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