Rainy Day Activities for Kids


Here are a few rainy day activities for kids that have helped my children and me survive the rainy days or days where it is too cold or hot to play outside. I hope they can be a benefit to you as well!

These rainy day activities are a staple of our homeschool preschool activities. They are easy to prep and great for multiple ages. Good learning for a day when you are stuck indoors all day.

Rainy Day Activities for Kids

One Item Activity Series
A running series of activities for multiple ages that require only one supply each! Perfect to try on a rainy day at home with kids.

DIY Yoga Mat Hopscotch
Create an indoor or outdoor hopscotch mat from a yoga mat and duct tape. Get the kids moving even when inside all day.

Pasta and Play Dough Activity
Make some homemade play dough and then play with it like this! Great for toddlers and preschoolers.

Shaving Cream Sensory and Gross Motor Activity
Tips for creating a fun active play and sensory experience with shaving cream.

DIY Bean Bag/Ball Toss Game
Using homemade bean bags, this simple toss game is a great way to practice math, eye hand coordination and get moving when stuck indoors.

Have a Camp-In Indoors
A tent, directions for making a toy campfire, and even ‘roasting’ marshmallows will make for some fun indoor time day or night.

Duct Tape Hack
A silly way to play and clean at the same time!

Sidewalk Chalk Discovery
Set the sidewalk chalk in a bucket and let the rain help  you prepare it for this fun art activity.

Infant Play
Try this resource of simple infant activities to keep your baby active on a bad weather day.

Learning Shapes with Shaving Cream Sensory Play
So simple to prep, these shape mats are waterproof so your child can use them again and again to explore shapes with shaving cream.

Over 100 Toddler Activities
Simple activities for toddlers to do at home, and many are great for rainy day indoor play!

Yarn Pictures
An easy and simple way to explore creativity and requires little prep time or clean up time. Book idea included!

DIY Dress Up Vests
You use cloth grocery bags to make these simple dress up items that can be personalized and used over and over again in pretend play.

Sing Personalized Songs
These songs teach and are great for breaking up moments when the kids are getting stir crazy indoors!

Over 40 ideas for older toddlers and preschool.


Through research, friend recommendations, and accidental discovery, here are some websites that may help you with activity ideas:

www.starfall.com (there is a site that is still free for use that allows exploration of the alphabet)

www.codemonkey.com (a platform where kids can learn real programming languages, offering an engaging, game-based learning experience)

www.drjean.org (look under “Free Activities” link)

www.pbskids.org (coloring sheets and activities that correlate with the programming)

www.pinterest.com (more activities than you could ever have time to do, and a way to share with others)

www.preschoolprintables.com (a teacher site, but check it out for game ideas that you can make at home)

www.crabbiemasters.com (Discuss moods with your preschooler and engage them in learning how to beat the tantrums that can get them when they are not being healthy and taking care of themselves…developed by a Master-degreed teacher!)


More Multi-Age Activities for rainy days HERE.