Family cooking stay-at-home mom meals that are easy from the Meal Planning Simplified Guide.

Meal planning is part of my full time job as a mom. Taking care of the home means planning healthy meals into our days. It helps us get take out less. This saves money. In this time of rising prices, a good meal planning system like these stay-at-home mom meals that are easy, is so helpful.

It will keep you on track at home. It is a way to stay on budget too.

Stay at Home Mom Meals: Meal Planning Simplified

It is not easy for everyone to plan ahead. Being home with kids means we adjust to random challenges every day. Someone wakes up sick, we change the whole day. A friend invites us over to play, we work that in, but it also takes time away from tasks at home.

Meal Planning – like laundry-  is a task that is simple, but time consuming.

  1. We have to find meals to make.
  2. Then we have to see which ingredients we need.
  3. After that we have to plan a day and time to go to the grocery store – or drive to do a grocery pickup.

Maybe you have grocery delivery where you live. That can help you save the drive time and frustration of taking kids to the store.

I do a combination of grocery store runs and grocery pickup. Whatever I can not get at Costco, I order from grocery pickup. It is still better for me to shop for my produce in the store, though. When I order it from the grocery pickup it always looks a little rough.

To simplify all of this, I created a bundle of 9 weeks of tried and true recipes.

Meal planning simplified cover image

They are kid-tested and healthy. If you have specific allergies, you can easily tweak them. They are made with a balanced diet in mind.

These recipes are helpful for getting your kids to try new foods. They also breath new life into old favorites.

The meal planning guide is a go-to list of stay-at-home mom meals.

Stay at Home Mom Easy Recipes

Some of the recipes included in the Stay-at-Home Mom Meals planning guide are new spins on old favorites. Others are new recipe inspiration.

These stay-at-home mom easy recipes are going to keep you on track. They make it easy to cook healthy, delicious meals for your family.

Some of the recipes you can make:

Skillet Chicken with Cilantro Lime Sauce (link)

Quick and Easy Lentil Quesadillas

Crock Pot Fajitas

One-Pan Sausage and Veggies (SO Easy!!)

Paleo Coconut Chicken

Power Turkey Meatloaf (link)

Pumpkin Turkey Mac n Cheese (link)

Meal Planning Simplified recipe book

Guide to Planning Meals: Simplified

PLUS so many more mouth-watering family-friendly recipes! These are the easiest stay-at-home mom meals to make that also give you quality nutrition and time-saving balance.

Staying consistent with meal plans is a big step to maintaining a healthy and balanced home. It buys you more time to recharge because you will not be rushing to figure out what to make for dinner.

>>>Get your copy today of Meal Planning Simplified with not only 8 weeks of meals but a BONUS 9th week of meals ready to go for you. <<<

Simply use the free printable grocery shopping list to write down the ingredients you need from each recipe. That way you are not wasting money by buying items you already have. Then, you are good for an entire week.

Less wasted leftovers, less fast-food runs, more health and balance in your home. That is worth the amazing value of this guide for stay-at-home mom easy recipes. Get you’re copy here friends!

What are you making for dinner tonight?

Make these stay at home mom meals that are easy to prep with the whole family. A 9 week meal planning guide.