Northern Virginia free activities for families.

We have moved around a lot as a military family. That has given us some great times to explore new areas and discover fun family activities. Free or low-cost activities for families in Northern Virginia are in this installment.

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We lived in Northern Virginia, or NoVA as locals like to call it, twice now. When our first baby was born, we were living there. Then we moved back to the same area after our second baby was born.

During that season of life with two kids, I gathered a lot of good research on activities to do with the kids in Virginia.

We lived just south of Washington DC for three years during both of our times in NoVA. Although the traffic is a nightmare in that part of the state, there were so many great places to take kids no matter if you have toddlers, or older kiddos.

It is a dream to homeschool in Northern Virginia because of all the access to great places.

Free Activities for Families in Northern Virginia

This list is a collection of parks, play places, museums, and hiking trails that we loved. Some are stroller friendly; all are toddler friendly.

The history of Northern Virginia is interesting for adults and older school age kids. The nature within the city makes it great for all ages.

Patawomeck Park

We spent many playdates meeting friends to play at this multi-age park. There are two main play areas. One is fenced in for toddlers and the other is much larger for bigger kids.

Fenced in playgrounds are genius! I would love to thank the person who created them. As a mom who once had twin toddlers, fenced playgrounds were survival.

Autumn Ridge Park

A simple neighborhood playground that my kids loved! Sometimes all you need is a change of playground to cure a bad day. This is a great one for toddlers on up.

Let the kids burn some energy and sip a coffee on the bench. Better yet, plan a playdate and gather with other moms.

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Marine Corps Museum playground

Both the museum and the playground are great for kids. The museum is free entry. The playground was so engaging, I even have pictures of it in this post.

Great location because it is shaded and has multiple play areas.

KidZone Play Park at Spotsylvania Towne Center

On rainy days, indoor mall play areas are great for burning energy. I used to take my preschooler here to play before running in to Costco.

So many memories too of having the twins with me when they were babies and just sitting and feeding them while big sister got to play. Free play areas are such an asset to getting me time in as a mom.

Children’s Museum of Richmond

Looking at the price, this museum is very reasonably priced. Children’s museums have always been great when the kids were preschool age and up.

We have even gotten the annual pass a couple times as inventive to frequent the museum. It is great educational play time.

Government Island

This place is so cool! It is a nice nature trail but has big historical impact. The stone here was used to build the government buildings in Washington, D.C. (There you have a whole slew of free museums to try with the Smithsonian!)

We had family pictures done one year at Government Island. It was a special place that the kids enjoyed as toddlers and preschoolers. Great for family walks.

Braehead farm play grounds

A fun field trip stop during the Fall. This park can be used all year round. Stop in and play for a $5 fee per person.

We love trying a new playground each week during summer vacation especially. Changes things up.

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What are your favorite free or affordable kids activities for your family to do in your area?

Free or low-cost family activities in northern Virginia.