How to prepare for having twins. 8 tips for pregnant moms and parents expecting twins.

Are you having twins?

When I told my husband the ultrasound showed two babies, he said, “How did that happen?” Perfect dad response isn’t it? He is a silly one, but preparing for twins is serious business. If you are having twins, prepare now. These are the tips that helped me prepare for having twins. I hope it will be encouragement that YOU CAN DO IT!

What you need to know if you are having twins

I did my research, and thought through MOST of what I needed to do as I prepared for having twins, but there were a few details that I learned through experience. The tips I share will help you start out life with twins on a steady path, because two babies at one time is going to shake up the balance you have achieved so far! There is nothing that will make you feel more like Wonder Woman, than successfully making it through each day-and you will enjoy it (almost all of it). 🙂

I share my 8 top tips for moms and dads of twins over on the CloudMom blog. You can read the full post How to Prepare for Having Twins over there and check out a few of my other posts about preparing for twins (or one baby) below.

How to prepare for having twins. 8 tips from a mom of twins (plus 2) that helped her prepare ( as much as possible) for having twins.


Do you have twins? What are your tips for pregnant moms who are expecting twins?


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