We do not have to view doing for others as separate from doing for ourselves.

Self-care is the sad name of the game these days. If I tell people I do not care what personal success I get out of life, I get funny looks. I just want to serve my family and those who may need me each day. Motherhood is a calling. It has been my calling. I don’t view it as anything less.

If I can raise my children to follow God, love others, and appreciate my husband and me. I think that would equal personal success if we can achieve all of that. It would be completely credited to the strength that God offers.

Are we moms allowed to go hang out with friends now and then? 


Are we allowed to have a few hours to ourselves after a busy week of caring for our children and husband? 

Of course! 

Are we allowed to celebrate successes that we achieve on our own?


Intention is important.
Mother cradling baby in her arms. Text reads motherhood is a calling. We do not have to view doing for others as separate from doing for ourselves.
When we place self above all others, the others will suffer for it.
Children are left to grow up more quickly than is appropriate and without the necessary skills when parents are off fulfilling themselves rather than parenting in a focused way.
Marriage turns into two people who live in the same house but rarely spend quality time together…and a good quantity of it.
I could dive into fulfilling myself first and leaving my family for my spare time. I would feel happiness about what I was experiencing and achieving. I would also miss out on a lot of connection with my family.

Did Jesus worry about what He got out of His life?

He had a few moments when he asked God to release Him from his calling. He probably would have enjoyed getting married, having a child of his own, and sharing God’s word for a longer lifetime.


God’s plan won. I want to let it win in my life too.


When I became pregnant with my children, it was God calling me to raise them in the best way that my life experiences allow. Motherhood is a calling.
No doubt about it, I loved teaching. That job as my calling from God, for a time. He provided me with a higher calling in caring for my family and children-where I still get to teach.
My self-fulfillment turned into not screwing up my kids, teaching them all that I know (and hopefully more), and making sure they feel God’s love through me. I hope and pray that I can achieve this.
We do need to care for ourselves. Our self-care time is essential to being ready for every day.
Our ‘self’ can be fully fulfilled-too-when we know our life has a purpose and a mission in helping others.
C.S. Lewis said (paraphrase) if we mess up raising our children, no successes in our life matter.
We cannot improve our parenting without spending time doing it.
We cannot improve the relationships we have with our kids unless we spend time with them.
Having a family is a calling. 


Has motherhood felt like a calling on your life? Do you balance other callings while fulfilling your high calling of being a mom?

Motherhood is a calling, a high calling on our life, time and faith. When we have a baby, it's go time. It's time to dig deep, face the challenges and do the best that we can.

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Mother and toddler with pacifier in his mouth snuggling nose to nose. Text reads motherhood is a calling we do not have to view doing for others as separate from doing for ourselves.