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A few months ago I got extremely tired of our playroom floor looking like it was carpeted in books. It is hard to get my cleaning accomplished, let alone just walk across the floor, when books are thrown about everywhere. I also do not like the fact that my kids thought they should just toss the books aside and grab a new one paying no mind to how they were treating their books.
It can be frustrating to teach children the “take one out at a time” rule. This tip is a solution to reduce the mess, teach one-at-a-time, and helps your books get stored properly after every read so that they last. I am so excited to share it with you-you won’t believe how easy it is…
Library bookshelves stacked with books and a child sits reading on the floor. Text reads a quick tip, help the kids keep the bookshelf organized.

Quick Tip: Keep the Bookshelf Organized

Save those food boxes made of paper board or cardboard like the one in the picture. Cereal boxes, cracker boxes or granola bar boxes work really well. The only key is making sure that the longest side of each box will not be too tall to fit on your bookshelf.
Cut off the tabs along the top opening of the box and cut one of the tall sides off as in the pictures.
Line up all of the cut boxes on your empty bookshelf-I guess the kids get one last chance to empty all the books onto the floor!
When the boxes are lined up, you can place a piece of tape to connect two boxes at a time all along the shelf to add stability. (To be honest, I did not do this.)
Add all of the books back on the shelf by sliding them into the boxes.
If you really want to get crazy-organized, use paint stir sticks as dividers between subjects. A teacher I once worked with wrote a subject heading on the wide handle of the stir stick, then slipped the long end in between the books. My dream is to have a shelf THAT organized, but it works much better with older children or in a classroom.
Your newly neat, kid-friendly bookshelf is complete!
You will have a neat bookshelf after implementing this really easy tip to DIY book holders from old food boxes!
You have just created multiple bookends that guide your child where to place the books!


In my house, our bookshelf has never been the same. It stays fairly intact because when you pull books out the whole lot of them do not slide over or even out on their own. You of course could go out and buy a bunch of plastic magazine holders, but if you’d rather save the money, try this up-cycling idea to reuse those food boxes.


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Cute corner of a kids room with book shelves and a comfortable chair. Text reads help the kids keep the bookshelf organized.