Every day I seem to notice a new opportunity to choose my individual goals and achievement over my family. There are volunteer opportunities, opportunities for career development, and plans for income that would require realigning my family focus to the side of the spotlight. Sometimes I struggle with my will versus motherhood.

I am always weighing the impact on my family of opportunities to serve and work outside of my home.

It can feel like a battle of what is best for them and what is best for me.

I have to reconcile my will for my life with what is needed by my whole family. I need to focus on the needs of my life now.

What is God’s will for my life and what is mine? Are we in agreement?

These are questions I ask myself.

My Joy-Filled Life

Is My Will for My Life in Line with God’s Plan?

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I used to think I had to choose between my goals and my motherhood goals. They became one in the same after parenting for a few years. I realized also that I had many more options to follow my personal goals alongside of my family goals.

Working at home became a blessing and a needed one. At a time when my husband’s job was in question, working at home was an answer from God.

If you struggle with setting aside personal work while working to care for your family, consider the options of working at home.

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