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As we prepare for Back to School Season, saving money is a priority of mine. It is a lesson I want to teach my children to value too. I remember as a kid, twice a year my mom would take us clothes shopping-before Summer, and before the school year began. It was exciting to sort through my drawers and closet to see what clothes were still able to be worn and which were too small or too worn out. My parents were really frugal-to their credit they taught me these values as well.

I was allowed a certain number of outfits for each season. If I had 10 outfits, I was not getting anything new that season. I remember this being annoying when I was a preteen and had a lot of friends whose moms took them shopping for fun. That just did not happen in my house.
Looking back, I can see that the financial lessons were important: I only needed so many items of clothing. There were times when my mom would let me pick out a couple of things even if I did not readily “need” them, say if I had received a sweater or shirt for Christmas from family that was not my taste.

As we prepare for Back to School season, I will be doing the same thing with my children: sorting clothes, counting outfits. Although my oldest is the only one in school outside of the home, and I homeschool my preschooler and toddlers, I generally go through all of the kids clothes to be sure we are donating what does not fit, and keeping the dressers and closets clutter-free of clothes that can’t be worn anymore.

There are great ways to save money, and earn cash back from the purchases you have to make anyway to prepare your children for Back to School.

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Earn cash back on back to school shopping. We have to get our kids ready anyway, might as well be frugal and find great deals for back to school clothes.

These deals and coupons do have expiration dates, but Belk is always offering a new deal that can help us get the kids clothes set for Back to School.

Most importantly, set a budget! When I was a kid, I really did not mind my parents limiting my clothing purchases until I was a teen. Then, I could save up some of my own money to buy more clothes if I wanted. It was a great life lesson and one I carry forward to teach my children today! You are not a mean mom if you teach your child lessons of being frugal and looking for great deals! They will be healthier adults because of it.

What do you do to save on back to school shopping with your kids?

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