Mom at kitchen table on her phone a nd laptop with two small children seated near her eating.

Children need time to rest. I’m not just talking about sleep, or naps, but brain-less moments. Times of the day where they slow down. Daycare is constantly structured. The only down time is when everyone is forced to take a nap or have quiet time. Being addicted to busy is a learned behavior. I choose to teach my children differently.

If you arrive at daycare and are tired in the morning, there is no chance that you will get to have a slow day. The day is structured the same every day. There are quiet activities but they happen in a room with a constant buzz of children and caregivers talking. If it’s time to play outside, sorry. You can not choose to stay inside. You still have to go out with everyone else.

I shared my experiences working in child care centers. It shaped my decision to stay at home with my kids. We have been able to make it work financially. But the real problem of child care in my opinion, is the unrealistic example it sets. It teaches children that they should be busy all the time and that all people need the same schedule.

At home, kids can have quiet play all day if they need it. Or, they can play outside for hours rather than mere minutes. Independent play can be restful for kids. Cuddled up reading time is rest. Even a streamed show on TV counts as downtime.

Passing Up Busy for Balance

I am allergic to overscheduling. When I am out of the house every weekday morning, I feel rushed to get my normal cleaning tasks complete in the afternoon. I am unable to stay in a feeling of balance when I am always doing something outside of the house.

It is why I created the Quick Start Guide to Achieving Balance at Home. It is a short 4-day mini course that walks you through reaching balance in your life and home. You can receive it for free by subscribing via email.

I use the free printable checklist to focus on my priorities. This also helps me to keep my day simple. There is balance in tending to my home. There can be balance with some out of the house activities. But, they have to work together. Doing too much of one will not allow balance to be achieved.

Having the kid at home allows us all to get off the hamster wheel of activities. I can give my family time to be a family. The small moments of time together are really the most meaningful.

My children will have school schedules, church schedules, college schedules, and work schedules in their lives. There will be seasons of busy and scheduled, but I want them to know balance and rest is normal too. Seasons of downtime and quiet are ok. They have their own purpose.

Having my children at home as a stay-at-home mom, helps me present my children with a balanced view of life. The daycare life creates a busy mindset. The stay at home life creates a balanced mindset. There are days of high energy and days of lower energy.

We can rest when we need to and work when we need to work. Being addicted to busy is a learned behavior. Life in balance is possible. It is possible if we teach our children to create it in their own lives.

How are you teaching your children to seek balance and rest? Have you been able to avoid the temptation to be busy?

Mom working at the kitchen table with two children nearby. Text reads being addicted to busy is learned behavior.