With a simple plan and helpful ideas you can support your kids this school year with these 21 back to school parenting tips.

We made a big decision regarding our kids schooling this year. This year it is vitally important that we follow some back to school parenting tips to get organized for the school year. Whether you homeschool, send your child to private school, a charter school, or public school, back to school parenting tips help us all get organized. We need to use our time wisely to support our children through another year.

I think school choice depends a lot on where you live, what values your local school district teaches-or ignores-and your strengths as a parent.

We have made different school choices with each child so far:

My oldest went to preschool two days a week (3 hours) at 4 1/2 years old, then attended a private Kindergarten program and finally spent the last two years in public school.

My oldest daughter was homeschooled for preschool and now will attend a homeschool-private school hybrid program along with her older brother.

I will officially be a homeschool mom. It is a big change for our family, but I know it will be an exciting time. It is also a time that requires following some back to school parenting tips so I can stay focused and organized. Whether you are a homeschool mom or not, get organized for this school year. With a simple plan you can keep your house and life streamlined. 

21 Back to School Parenting Tips

Household Organization Tips

Give the kids the nutrition they need so dinner prep is more peaceful with these after school snack ideas and healthy after school snack recipes.

Try these storage solutions for keeping saved school work organized through the year.

Give kids healthy snack options in an organized snack station.

This lunchbox hack is a special surprise for kids.

Teach young kids how to care for books, so the home library stays neat.

Supplemental Learning at Home

These 7 tips for encouraging your child’s reading and writing skills can start at birth.

Get kids involved in their community-simply-or teach them with a simple service project.

K5 Learning is a fun program for school age kids to learn at home or practice skills after school.

Your child can learn a second language during their quiet time at home.

Saving Money on Back to School Shopping

These 6 tips for back to school shopping will help you save money.

You can even earn cash back when you do your back to school shopping.

Keep a budget throughout the year with this free template.

Use these tips to be mindful of finances, and plan ahead for school extras.

Maintain Your Sanity as a Mom

Find a schedule or routine that works for you to help the day run smoothly-and get those to dos done while the kids are busy with school work.

Support your child’s school in simple ways that have an impact.

Follow these ideas so you look put together at drop off and pick up time to get that mom confidence built up!

I think activities that get you and the kids actively playing together help everyone’s sanity.

The kids need to play outdoors to burn off energy after focusing during the school day.

Remember that we parents have different responsibilities than the teachers. Teachers can not be expected to be pseudo-parents AND successfully teach our children.

Focus on parenting with purpose by remembering the 10 mom truths.

Soak up encouraging articles for moms in your downtime.


As I dive into my homeschool adventures I will share with you. Throughout this year my preschool at home plan will be shared as well. Join us for that, and keep reading along every Monday for Mom Motivation Mondays!

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What school choice have you made for your children? Any back to school tips to share?

With a simple plan and helpful ideas you can support your kids this school year with these 21 back to school parenting tips.