Taking the idea I shared for teaching preschoolers to spell color words, we made another spelling game. With the same idea, we can teach preschool kiddos to spell the number names. They are sight words, so this activity has big impact on reading skills. Learning to spell numbers helps young children learn to read and develop language skills.

Before children read and write they are exposed to so much print. I love making a word wall at home to help teach my child that they really can read. This is one way to take words that children may see in their daily lives and help them learn.

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Child placing craft sticks into the labeled paper pockets to spell number words. Text reads spelling sight words learning number words with a hands-on game.

Hands-On Learning Activity to Spell Number Words

This activity is so easy to repurpose from the learning color words activity. It becomes a learning to spell numbers activity. This is a great activity to use with our Preschool at Home Curriculum. It provides a loose framework of daily activities and the flexibility to work in our Preschool Learning activities each day too.

For tougher word lists, try making a version with kindergarten sight words.

To make this spelling number words game, start by gathering a few supplies.

Craft sticks

Index cards


Tape or staples

Optional: Grab these printable number tracing worksheets for writing the numbers after the spelling game is done.

Then, build your color word pockets. I did this by folding each index card in half (hamburger fold). Then you tape or staple each side but leave the top open to create a paper pouch or pocket. The craft sticks will be put in the pocket as part of the hands-on spelling game.

Labeled craft sticks and index card pockets to spell number words in a hands-on way.

Next, write the number words on each pocket. “One” then “two” and so on until all the numbers are written on the pockets. One number word per pocket. I also add the number symbol and dots to show that amount. This teaches reading, number identification and the ability to count.

Then count how many sticks you need for each number word, so you have one stick for each letter.

For example, write the letters for “one” on each stick. So ‘o’ on one stick, ‘n’ on a stick and ‘e’ on a stick.

Continue labeling the craft sticks for each number. Then place the sticks in the middle of the table. Line up the number pockets along the bottom edge of the table.

With your child, point to each pocket and say the number out loud. Then, show your child that they can find the sticks to spell each number word by matching the sticks to the letters on the pockets. Each one slides right into the pocket, so the spelling of the words and letter order are taught.

After all the pockets have sticks spelling the numbers, it is a good idea to go back through the row of pockets and point and say each number again. This teaches number order, reading comprehension, number identification and counting skills.

Can you believe you just taught your preschooler or kindergartener to spell number words! Teaching at home is not only a money-saver, but also special quality time. Every activity does not need to be an elaborate craft project. Learning activities like this one are reinforcing that you think your child is special by spending quality time with them.

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What skills are you trying to teach your preschooler right now? Leave a comment below.

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Boy placing craft sticks into pockets to spell number words.