Free download 25 Acts of Kindness Cards.

Every December for our countdown to Christmas we do a daily acts of kindness calendar. These daily acts of kindness to do as a family can be done for the month of Thanksgiving, season of Advent, countdown to Christmas or anytime of the year.

Our version is set up as a mystery surprise. We do not see ahead of time what our act of kindness will be each day. The kids love the excitement.

If you do not want to get crafty, you can use the cards on their own. I will share some ideas so you can decide how crafty you want to get with this.

Acts of Kindness to do as a Family

 Our version of the Acts of Kindness Countdown to Christmas is simple cardstock number cards with acts of kindness cards attached to the back.

You will need:

  • 4 sheets of red cardstock
  • 3 sheets of green cardstock
  • Marker
  • Acts of Kindness cards (free download)
  • Twine
  • Clothespins (25)

I bought cardstock in red and green. I cut each piece of cardstock into 4 pieces. You will need 7 sheets of 9×11 cardstock total to make the countdown calendar.

I wrote the numbers 1-25 on the cards (one number per card). Then I chose to laminate them. This is optional. I laminated the acts of kindness cards as well. They hold up well from year to year.

Put one act of kindness card on each number card (on the back). Then display them in number order.

I taped each card up on a door one year. Using a Christmas tree design it was cute.

Christmas tree design for the acts of kindness calendar.

Another option is to string twine across a wall or door and clip each card to the twine with a clothespin. Makes it feel so festive and pretty with the twine. The supplies listed above are for this display. This is the one we are using this year.

You can change up the display from year to year.

Twine and clothespins display for the acts of kindness cards.

<<This is an alternative to an advent calendar as well. Counting down to Christmas while giving rather than receiving hits home on the real reason for the season.>>

Each day of the month we take down a card. We read what our act of kindness is for the day by reading the card on the back. Then we make a plan to carry it out.

Some are easy; like give a compliment. Others require a little trip to the store like the idea to place bubbles on a neighbor’s porch. This collection of 100 acts of kindness for kids will give you even more ideas and activities to try.

Every day leading up to Christmas we get in a mindset of service and kindness by carrying out our acts. It really brings a layer of depth to what we look forward to this time of year. The focus is not only on receiving gifts or buying gifts for others. It is also on doing simple, thoughtful tasks to make others feel happy.

Some of the acts of kindness included in your free download cards are:

  • Donate food at the food pantry.
  • Pay for someone’s order.
  • Make your sibling’s bed.
  • Email or text encouraging word to a friend.
  • Make a Toys for Tots donation.
  • Take dinner to a family.
  • Call grandparents and ask about their day.
  • Help wrap gifts.
  • Write a thank you note for the mail carrier.

These are just a few of the random acts of kindness ideas you will get on your free download. <<<Download it by subscribing for free here.>>>

There are 25 acts of kindness to lead you up to Christmas, if you choose to do this during the holidays. I gathered a few additional handy RAoK calendars you can use too. Click on each one to view it at its host site.

25 Days of Christmas Random Acts of Kindness printable – Learn in Color

December Kindness Bingo – Big Life Journal

Christmas Countdown Kindness Calendar – She Lives Free

What is your favorite way to work in random acts of kindness with your children? Any fun random acts you can share in the comments below? We love new ideas!