Toddler activities are the most effective when they are simple. Toddlers are very creative-that is why we often find them on top of tables, digging through the cupboards or tasting the water in the water table that may or may not have been in there a little too long. Toddlers are little explorers so this fine motor activity for toddlers with tape is perfect to set up in a snap.

I think this age group requires the most hands-on and one-on-one time with us moms, because toddlers are so active and so curious.

Here is an activity that requires one supply and will keep your toddler “playing” and exploring in a productive way, and maybe the kitchen utensils will stay in the drawer…for at least a little while longer!

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So simple! This activity uses tape as an activity for toddlers to work on fine motor skills...and keep them busy exploring.

All you need, as you can guess from the “One Item Activities” label, is a roll of tape. I like masking tape because it can stick just about anywhere and not leave any residue. (This depends on how long it stays where you stick it!)

I placed some long and short strips of masking tape on our little kids table. For younger toddlers, you can leave just a little edge of the tape up for them to grab and start pulling. This fine motor activity for toddlers with tape keeps toddlers busy for a while!

Toddler tape removal activity only requires one supply and works in fine motor skills.

All I did was point to one strip of tape and ask, “Can you pull it right here?” She scratched at the edge of the tape and I loosened it a bit so she could really see the effect when she got to pull at one piece.

I did encourage her to pull them all off. She needed some help getting the tape off of her hands. 🙂

This took about 1 minute to prep and you can always re-stick the pieces of tape even if they get curled. That adds to the activity if your child tries to pull the tape off before you can get all the pieces stuck back on again.

I set this up on the kitchen floor too. Just pull all the tape up that day rather than leave it. The residue tends to stick to the floor if you leave the tape overnight in my experience. This is a great distraction while you prep dinner.

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