Mom hugging child as she works from home while being a stay at home mom to support her family.

Just because you’re a stay-at-home mom, doesn’t mean you can’t have your own hustle. If you want to support your family through work, you can do that without even leaving your home. With these options, you’ll always be able to care for your kids. You can do this even while you work.

Thanks to changing business practices, we live in a world in which working from home is, for many people, the new norm. If you’re a stay-at-home mom, and you’re looking to support your family, there are many ways to do that. Here are just a few tips for supporting your family as a stay-at-home mom!

Supporting Your Family as a Stay-at-Home Mom

We will cover 7 ideas to support your family. These options can provide you with extra income and better life balance. Stay-at-home moms can flex these around their home responsibilities to achieve balance.

Don’t be afraid to claim benefits

If you’re entitled to benefits, then you should be claiming them. Particularly if you’re in the UK, you could be entitled to a host of benefits. That could help you support your family, especially while you look for work.

If you’re claiming benefits and finding that they’re not enough to prop up your finances, then you’ll be pleased to know there are loans for people on benefits. That can help you even further. (Although, you should, of course, only apply for them if you know you’ll be able to make repayments imminently).

Start up your own business

Of course, starting up your own business is much easier said than done. However, if you’ve got a solid idea for a business, then this is the perfect time to try and realize that idea.

Especially if there’s another income stream in your home that will allow you to take the time to plan out and execute a business strategy. Ideas could include blogging, tutoring, or any number of other great stay-at-home businesses. These can all be done at home.

Get up early in the day

One big tip for being a successful stay-at-home mom – and one that’s making the most of the time they have during the day – is to wake up early. Try to set your alarm for as early as you can stand so that you can get a headstart on the day.

This also has the added benefit of allowing you to center yourself and be calm before the hectic morning rush begins. A good rule of thumb is to wake up around 6 o’clock. But, if you think you can handle getting up earlier than that, then trying to do so is a great idea.

Get regular exercise

Depending on how old your kids are, you can take them out with you when you exercise. Heading out for a walk of around 30 minutes per day has been proven to have great health benefits (provided that you keep up a decent pace, of course).

If you’re pushing a stroller, then that’s an even better workout! Exercise can help to boost both your mental and physical health. It can make those moments when you’re lagging feel a little more manageable.

Set up a home office

Although looking after your kids should, of course, take precedence over everything else, when you’re a stay-at-home mom, establishing a home office is a good way to clearly delineate a space where you’re supposed to work. Your home office should be clean and free of distractions, clutter, and anything else that could get in the way of a productive working environment.

If you can, try to make sure your kids aren’t with you when you work. But if you can’t, then at least try to ensure that your home office is as quiet as possible.

Create a network of stay-at-home moms

One of the most important things you can have as a stay-at-home mom (especially one that’s working) is a support network. Only other stay-at-home moms can really know what you’re going through in your everyday life. Make sure you’re reaching out to other people who are in your situation.

There are many ways stay-at-home moms can connect. Whether it’s joining an online forum, heading to a real-life physical meetup, or just watching YouTube videos of other moms going through the same struggle, make sure you’re trying for that human connection.

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Get dressed for work

It might be tempting to spend the whole day lounging around in your PJs, and trust us, we’re not going to judge you for doing that. If you want to make the most of your day, though, and feel like you’re seizing the day by the horns, then getting dressed for work is a good idea.

That doesn’t have to mean putting on uncomfortable or ill-fitting dresses or suits; it can just mean wearing whatever makes you feel comfortable. Clothing that makes you feel like you’re prepared for the day is key. Jeans and a T-shirt can still be a great work uniform!

Make sure to take breaks

The life of a stay-at-home mom can feel never-ending and relentless. That’s why it’s important to make sure that if you’re looking after kids and also working on a side hustle, you schedule in regular breaks.

Set aside time each day to chill out, make yourself a coffee, and listen to some calming music. Between doing household chores, looking after your kids, and working, you’re going to be extremely busy.

Setting aside breaks isn’t giving up or failing; it’s taking the time to take care of your mental health. This is vital for life balance.

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Ways to support your family as a stay-at-home mom with tips for balance and earning a side income.