In my rocking chair: memories of motherhood.

{Post by Lisa}

I find comfort and rest in my eight-year-old rocking chair that sits in my living room now. It wasn’t always in this place. At first it was used to rock my baby girl to sleep in her room before I put her in her crib for a cozy night sleep.

I nursed her in this chair, sang her lullabies, and read her stories.

A sweet family sold me this lovely rocking chair when I was four months pregnant, and during my pregnancy I sat in my rocking chair daydreaming about my little baby and counting the days until her due date. I spent countless hours thinking about her name, looking at her tiny infant socks, clothes, and colorful blankets. I remember rocking in my chair surrounded with gifts from her baby shower and feeling so blessed.

Then came the day when we replaced my daughters crib with a bed and that’s when we moved my rocking chair to our unfinished basement.

Memories of Motherhood: My Rocking Chair

I created a space in the corner of the basement for myself to have quiet time alone and rock in my chair, listen to worship music and read inspirational Christian books. I prayed in this spot, journaled and started my blog.

Every now and then my little daughter or son would come to me and crawl up in my lap for a snuggle. It was delightful to wrap them with a blanket and listen to their cute voices chitter chatter about anything and everything.

When my basement turned into a homeschool room, my chair moved into storage for a short season. After a year we moved our classroom upstairs into our living room and kitchen, the very place we originally started and my rocking chair came out of storage! Today it sits in front of a huge window that looks out into our front yard.

We have a huge tree with branches that reach out across our yard casting shade. There are squirrels running up and down the tree trunk, hens are eating bugs, cars are driving by, and old neighborhood Grandpas are walking their dogs.

My Rocking Chair Memories

Today I’m home alone writing to you in my rocking chair. Momma’s we all need a rocking chair or a special place to rest, remember, celebrate, and pray. We all need a place to gather our family and unite.

It’s in my chair that I sit with my children in our living room for a special snack and story time. Every night our family sits in their comfy spots on the couch while I’m in my chair and we pray together.

It’s here that we have family meetings, resolve conflict, and comfort each other. Sometimes we eat dinner while we watch a show in our living room.

In the evenings, I light candles in the living room. When the kids go to bed my husband sits on the couch next to me and my rocking chair. We visit about the day. Sometimes we laugh, debate, rejoice, share stories, plan, cry, argue, problem solve, or watch a show. Together we share a bag or two of buttered popcorn or we binge on cookies and ice cream.

Both of my kids, ages nine and eight, know that Mommy is busy with God when my eyes are closed or I’m reading the Bible. The funny thing is, I sometimes fall asleep in the middle of the day and take a nap in my chair. I think the kids know that I’m asleep because the chair doesn’t rock and their mommy is so very quiet.

My rocking chair needs new cushion covers soon. When I learn to use the sewing machine I’ll make some.

But for now, a blanket will do.

My cute puppy dog loves to sleep on my lap all covered up in a warm blanket, and my life really wouldn’t be the same without my chair and puppy.

My kids see me seeking God daily and they have their special places that they go to seek God too.

I’m sure when my kids are all grown up, they will remember their favorite childhood memories happened with Mom around the rocking chair. I can’t help but wonder if I will hold my grandchildren in this same rocking chair someday.

Most nights I fall asleep in my chair or I stay up and think deeply about concerning issues.

I strive to meet with God in the mornings in my chair before the kids wake up. When I don’t, I attempt to take a time out during the day to read scripture and pray.

You see this chair has been with me through the years in the good times and bad times. When I meet God with a cup of coffee in my chair, He always shows up and showers me with peace.

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In my rocking chair: memories of motherhood.

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