It can be embarrassing. Often, I wonder if I did something wrong as a parent to cause it. Bedwetting seems to run in families, but it is something that takes patience and simple tips to fix. These three tips can help you potty train faster.

There can be special needs involved that cause a unique potty training situation for your child. Even when you have a child with unique needs, you can feel defeated when basic child development does not occur on the timeline the experts say it should.

I have been there. It is important to share all of this because I do think when you have a toddler or preschooler that has bedwetting issues or potty accidents, it causes stress as a parent. And, if we don’t use the tools and resources available to us, we can cause undue pressure on our kids.

How to Tackle Potty Training Challenges

I have written multiple articles about our potty training experiences. With four children I can draw on the experience of potty training each of them. I know some reading this are thinking, “What is she making a big deal about this for? Potty training is so simple.”

The fact is that the journey to potty training can be challenging for some children. That is normal. So, let’s cover what we can do about it.

These are tips, tools, and parenting strategies to help your child as they potty train. Maybe they wet the bed at night. Maybe they have anxiety or physical reasons for not being able to hold their bladder.

Whatever the reason for your child’s unique situation, take heart.

There are things you can do as a parent to ease the potty training challenges. Your child will learn, and their body will catch up. We don’t often see college students that are not potty trained, right? Reduce the laundry from nighttime bedwetting and daytime accidents with these tips.

Help to Speed Up Potty Training

Sposie Potty Training Pads

Sposie Dribbles are absorbent potty training pads that fit discreetly in a child’s underwear. How helpful are these?! A child that has frequent potty accidents can feel comfortable wearing Sposie pads.

Check out how handy the size and convenience are in this unboxing video.

Sposie Dribbles provide you peace of mind when you are out running errands, but still want your child to be working on potty training.

Sposie Dribbles help toddlers potty train faster. They take away the constant wet underpants, clothing, and endless laundry.

If your child tends to wet the bed – again, very normal for many children — please do not feel like you are failing as a parent. If your child has potty accidents at night, just use Sposie Dribbles to make the process easier.

Bedtime Buzzer

Because we struggled with potty training and nighttime bedwetting with a few of our children, we used a buzzer at night after the age of four. Using this in combination with Sposie potty training pads are so helpful for reducing the clothing changes your child may have to make if they wet the bed at night.

The buzzer is attached to the child’s underwear. When it senses moisture, it makes a buzzing noise to wake them up. This is helpful for training the brain to wake at night when the child has to go to the bathroom. Even with the buzzer, sometimes my child’s underwear would get wet. Using the Sposie pads help reduce the need for clothing changes at night.

Sheets and Mattress Pad for Bedwetting

Being proactive when you know your child struggles with potty training is smart parenting. I like to tackle potty training challenges with a multiple step approach to speed up success.

We use extra absorbent mattress pads to protect the mattress. It encloses the entire mattress. Then, we add a regular mattress pad that is moisture-blocking. This way the mattress stays protected and if any nighttime wetness happens, we can easily change the sheets.

Reduce how many blankets are used on the bed to decrease how much laundry needs to be done each day. A child can sleep on the mattress pads plus a fitted sheet and their favorite blanket. Potty training during warmer months can help reduce the need for a lot of blankets as well.

You Can Tackle Potty Training Problems

Sposie Dribbles, the potty buzzer, thicker mattress pad and reducing the number of blankets on the bed are all helpful ways to ease the stress of nighttime potty accidents.

We must be patient as parents when our children have challenges. Successful parenting is not always having children that reach each new developmental stage quickly. I think it is more about guiding and loving your child through their own personal unique development.

All my children outgrew the potty accidents. It is not even embarrassing to them. They were never made to feel that there was something wrong with them even when we were actively trying to help them make it through the potty accident stage.

Grab a box of Sposie Dribbles on Amazon. They ease the stress of potty training, potty accidents, and bedwetting. It will mean a more comfortable and faster potty training experience for your child.

Mom and daughter reading a bedtime story in the background with Sposie Dribbles potty training pads in the foreground. Text reads potty train faster.