Lately, the strain of full days, stay at home mom life, and driving the kids to their after-school activities has left me feeling more drained in the evenings. You have to be on all day long as a mom. We talk a lot about how to rest. What do we do to fit in rest? How can we really rest when we don’t get a day off – ever! The stress of mom life is different in each season, but this quick tip to relax works for all moms.

I feel deep overwhelm when the kids talk non-stop all day long. I really get talked out – as I call it – many days. I know, though, that the time I invest in my children is worth it for building up their confidence, creating an environment of love and support, and teaching them valuable interpersonal skills.

Moms work 24/7/365 and it can cause you to feel depleted. The small little tools and tips are how I have always had to work in my rest time. Big, elaborate spa weekends are just not in my budget. When you have a lot of life to be present for each day, you also have to find ways to rest and recharge in the little moments. The best eye massager is one way to feel more relaxed as a mom.

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Best Eye Massager Amazon Gift for Moms to Reduce the Stress of Mom Life

Maybe send this link to your husband or family that asks what they can help you with. It never hurts to offer gift ideas that will help you recharge, and that will be really useful.

The best eye massager Amazon gift for moms is the EyeOasis 2. It will help you relax, recharge and rejuvenate your mind. As we age we can start getting hormone headaches, strained vision, and just plain tired eyes from all the screen time that is required these days.

Even if I wanted to be off of social media, all of our kids events, homeschool events and military events require me to check my phone throughout the day. It is a strain on the eyes, so helping to rest my vision when it feels strained is a key to relaxing.

 I write a lot about ways for moms to find time to relax. Why? Because I have needed to get creative with how I find time to fit in relaxation! With a husband who has been gone a lot for work, I often am running all day every day on my own with the kids. Being mindful of taking care of myself in the midst of putting my family first is important. Or else, I get run down and burnt out. A burnt out mom is a real thing, but we can try our best to sneak in moments to relax and recharge.

Bob and Brad EyeOasis 2 Eye Massager: Quick Tip to Relax (and discount code)

Can I just say, having an excuse to lie down and rest for even ten minutes helps me plan for rest in my day. My Bob and Brad Eye Massager is a reminder to time block quiet moments when I can. This is a quick tip to relax. Plus, get 10% off exclusively for being a SAHM Guide reader with the discount code OASISNEWPR.

It may not happen every day of the week. The time we do get to recharge is that much more enjoyable. We pay attention to the quiet more and lean in to the peace it provides. When you can fit in time to rest, it is worth it.

I am thankful to see the eye massager on my nightstand. It is a reminder that I need to make time for rest.

After sorting the laundry into the kids’ baskets, I can take a break, put on the massager, and breath for a bit. The music and heat are so soothing.

After church on Sunday, I let my husband know I was going to take a few minutes to rest with my eye massager. It helped to let him know that was my plan. He helps keep the kids from interrupting me when he knows I am trying to sneak in some recharge time.

Lying down in bed with the Bob and Brad EyeOasis 2 eye massager on to relax.

The beauty of the EyeOasis 2 is that it is simple to use right out of the box. It powered on and all the functions were easy to adjust. The controls actually have voice settings so you can hear which setting you are using and adjust as you choose.

The gentle pressure was perfect for feeling the soothing massage. We get so much eye strain from the lights of our devices. This was a perfect excuse to close my eyes and let the heat and pressure massage ease some of the head tension that can coincide with caring for kids, home and family.

EyeOasis 2 Eye Massager is an Amazon best gift for moms to get time to relax.

Designed to provide unmatched relaxation, the EyeOasis 2 helps relieve eye strain, and alleviates the stresses of daily life. The Eye Massager from Bob and Brad will help you feel rejuvenated. That preps you to be ready to handle your daily routines.

It is hard work and it is worth it. But, along the journey, we can fit in time to stay balanced by resting when we need it.

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It is okay to slow down on days where you are feeling bogged down. Kids and home are non-stop, so we have to get creative with ways to relax as moms. Release the stress of mom life and use this quick tip to relax. Get your own EyeOasis 2 Eye Massager or put it on your Amazon Gifts for Mom Wish List. Such a great gift for moms.

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What do you do on a daily basis to recharge? Are you able to find time to rest after busy days?