Sanity Saver for moms! Find it at the library of all places. #sponsored

When the twins were born, I had a big reality check. I have two hands, two arms, and with my single babies, I always had a hand free. This was not the case with the twins. Saving my sanity as a mom was tricky while feeling overwhelmed. Thanks to Huggies Snug N Dry, I get to share with you my favorite sanity saver for moms. You probably have one in your local community!

Motherhood is challenging for any of us, no matter how many children you have. Two babies wanting to eat at the same time, be held at the same time, rocked at the same time wore me out. Of course there are sweet moments, but there is not often a break to recharge.

Focusing on the fun moments and simple ways to recharge keep me energized to be the best mom I can be.

I had to simplify life even more after the twins were born. I had to give up taking the kids out by myself on a lot of outings, errands and events for a time. I had to use time savers like Huggies Snug N Dry diapers, buying in bulk and doubling meals so I could always freeze a meal to eat another day.


It was hard, but focusing on family meant that I needed to find balance as a mom in order to be the best mom for my 4 kids that I could.

I was used to hosting playdates, getting the house clean and laundry done all within a week, but with two babies at one time success as a mom literally meant making sure everyone was alive and fed.

Balance was something I had to work at moment to moment.

When the twins were 6 months old, we moved across the country. We are military, so we have to learn all about a new neighborhood every three years. Finding local programs that are great for the kids and easy for me as a mom to get to is key.

No matter where we move, the local library is always a first-stop for the kids and me. It is my simple sanity saver for moms. That was the case when we got settled in California. Once my oldest started school, my preschooler wanted some time to be around kids her own age.

It took me some time to be able to take the twins and my preschooler out to the library storytime, but it is always a great time for all of us. That one or two day a week storytime can be a sanity saver for me during a hectic week! It gets us all a break and allows us to recharge.

Free preschool-like events for my 4 year old, free books to read and checkout, free play zone for the twins…our local San Diego County Library tries to make their children’s area really engaging for all ages.

Library storytime day is a day we try to get out of the house and be around other moms and kids. My daughter just loves getting to be around other children her age, listen to stories and sing songs. I enjoy watching her enjoy it!

Libraries are a gem. They can feel old fashioned in this day of apps for reading books, but they provide so much more than just books. They provide time for moms to get their children out, to take a break from being stuck inside. You can’t beat free.

Yes, it takes some planning to pack up the Huggies Snug N Dry diapers, put some extra clothes in the diaper bag, pack a few snacks, but story time events are great because they do not require a huge commitment. It is just enough time to get a breather and settle back in to your demanding day as a mom.


Libraries provide us so much for free that their budgets can often use some extra. Huggies Snug N Dry has an awesome contest going on right now and you can participate! I am nominating our local library in the San Diego County Library System to win a $2000 grant from Huggies.

— Jaimi Erickson (@Jaimi_SAHMSG) May 28, 2015


You can find Huggies Snug and Dry Ultra diapers at WalMart, and you can nominate your own local community program (aka mom sanity saver)!I shared my (silly) selfies with the twins (#UltraHug) in this post as part of my entry to help win a grant for my local San Diego County Library. Check out all the details provided by Huggies Snug and Dry.

What is your favorite community program that doubles as a sanity saver for moms or is a great resource for your parenting?