When we return to work after being stay-at-home moms, it is an opportunity. We can use the skills we developed as moms to pursue our next chapter.

As my children get older, I know my time as a stay-at-home mom will come to an end. The kids will one day not be here at home. My role in my home will shift.

I think that is exciting! I have put so much of myself and my goals into my work as a mom. I am soaking in the present while also looking forward to what is next after my children are grown.

Life can and will change. I have watched and learned from my friends who were stay-at-home moms. They walked similar paths.

The moms I look to for advice and wisdom have much to teach me as my kids grow beyond my walls. These special mom friends have shown me that staying at home is never giving up what matters most.

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If we switch to pursuing a career, in the next chapter of our lives, it is a new opportunity.

When the Next Chapter of Life is Career

One of my most cherished friends only has a handful of years until all her children will be adults. A few years back, she started working towards her Social Work Bachelor’s. Little by little, night class by night class, she achieved her goal.

Social work is a career that can really utilize the skills and experiences we have as stay at home moms. Moms and social workers have a lot in common.

  • We work to support positive family relationships in the home.
  • We support our children’s welfare and academic achievement.
  • We focus on making our homes positive environments.
  • We strive to teach our children to be positive, contributing members of society.
  • So much of social work is helping families learn to do these effectively on their own.

Working on a Social Work Bachelor’s Degree

My dear friend, who spent most of her adult life raising her babies as a mom at home, now works full time serving her community as a social worker. Working on an online bachelor’s degree in social work is convenient.

Online bachelor's in social work at Maryville University.

I shared previously how we moms can go back to school ourselves when our children are all in school. The idea that we have to cram all of our achievements into the first few years of our marriages and motherhood years is just not true. There is a time when the children will not need us every day.

There are many years after the children grow, go to school and become independent. It is in this sweet spot where we can shift gears to pursue our career goals. Online options make doing this so convenient!

Pursuing an online Bachelors in Social Work can transfer skills learned as a mom into a new career field.

Online Bachelor’s in Social Work

With no fee to apply, no ACT/SAT necessary, and financial aid options available, you can pursue your online Bachelor’s in social work from home. All classes can be accessed online. You are able to work with licensed professionals and others pursuing the same passions of serving their communities.

After all, using the skills of a mom who has spent her time focusing on serving her family, social work is a natural field to utilize those skills. We work with our children and families every day. Conflict resolution, interpersonal relationships, navigating life challenges, these are all areas where we learn as we teach our children through these life skills.

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What are your plans for life after the children are in school or grown up? Have you thought about what you will do to utilize the skills you have learned working as a mom?

What moms and social workers have in common.