An entire morning of simple activities for learning about trees for toddlers and preschoolers. We spent the morning reading, exploring, measuring, and talking about trees. Post contributed by Jaimi of The Stay-at-Home-Mom Survival Guide over at B-Inspired Mama.
Time playing outdoors does not have to be disconnected from the learning we do indoors. These activities for learning about trees use all the domains in a preschoolers learning.
Children naturally notice so many things about nature – plants, sounds, textures, light, shadow – that observing their discoveries and expanding on them is a nice way to keep the focus on our child’s interests. We can use what we find outdoors to create and learn with fun indoor nature activities for kids, too.

I can not emphasize how much just getting outside for some free exploration and play benefits all of us! I think peace dwells in nature, and when kids are getting a bit stir-crazy, getting them outside settles that. These ideas can include both outdoor play and indoor learning.

Learning About Trees for Preschoolers

While at the playground recently, my children were talking about the trees.  I took a few pictures thinking I could expand on what they were noticing at home on another day.  After playing, my children collected some sticks and poked around inside the base of a tree that contained an ant nest. This all turned into some nature exploration at home.
You can read the rest of my post that includes reading, nature and math activities for learning about trees for toddlers and preschoolers over at B-Inspired Mama!
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