Hands-on activities for preschool through second grade with Ivy Kids book-based activity kits for kids.


Are you looking for project ideas that will keep your child learning and having fun too? Take a look at Ivy Kids book-based activity kits for kids. Started by a stay-at-home mom and Early Childhood educator, Ivy Kids kits are filled with hands-on learning activities centered around a book for kids.

This post was sponsored by Ivy Kids. I only review and share products and services that I would use in my home in hopes that it can be helpful for you with your children. This post contains affiliate links. Please view my disclosure.

I was asked to take a look at the first two Ivy Kids kits. In each kit you get over 10 learning and play activities along with a great book to read and keep. There are board games, art projects, science learning, and activities that teach counting, letter sounds, and more.
When we opened our Ivy Kids book-based activity kit for kids, we started by reading the theme book, and then tried out the activities included. 
Ivy Kids activity kits for kids.
Multi-age kids could participate together without the activities being too complex for the younger
or too simple for the older. I think the kits are appropriate for children from preschool through about Second Grade.

The direction sheets give great additional learning ideas to extend each activity. They are great for households with multiple age groups. You can even add on a “Sibling Pack” so that you have more than one of each craft project in a kit. 

My children enjoyed the two kits for Mouse Paint and Jump, Frog, Jump!  (We also tried out another kit and you can read my review here.)

My husband kept commenting about how engaged our two older children were with the projects and games. (We had a preschooler who was tough to keep interested in learning activities and these kits were keeping her focused!)

Preschool activity for summer or school year enrichment. Makes a great preschool at home curriculum.
This is a great idea for a birthday or Christmas gift for kids!
It also would be a great idea for Summer enrichment because you can sign up for 3 months and each month of the Summer you will get a kit shipped to you. The best part is many of the learning activities are reusable for pretend play and continued learning.

You can keep them and use them over and over again. You know I like to post activities like that here too!

Fun hands-on learning for kids, preschool at home, with Ivy Kids kits.
Take a look at the Ivy Kids website for more pictures of the learning kits. Book-based activity kits for kids are a great option for rainy days, preschool at home or summer enrichment.

Taseea, the creator of Ivy Kids, is a mom like you and me, so she understands what it is like to want to enrich your child’s learning at home and keep them engaged.

Let me know if you try out these book-based activity kits for kids! I would love to know what you think of them.
Book-based activity kits for kids. Great preschool at home option.


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