Kids birthday party idea during coronavirus covid 19 pandemic.

We celebrated 2 of our kids’ birthdays during the covid-19 quarantine. Despite the circumstances, we still tried help the kids create great memories despite the situation. There are some kids birthday party ideas during coronavirus that are creative and fun despite the pandemic.

Kids Birthday Party Ideas During Coronavirus

Keep the Group Small

If you have a small circle of friends you can still invite them to an event. We quarantined with two other families during our “time at home.” It gave the other moms and I peace of mind that we were still letting our kids get needed social interaction. We knew each others’ potential exposures.

We invited these two families to celebrate with us. The kids enjoyed their ability to celebrate.

Use Zoom to Call Friends or Family

Using Zoom is amazing. We did a whole-family video chat one day and my kids loved seeing their cousins from afar. It just made us all feel more connected.

Kids love video interaction. It provides a different dynamic and encourages a bit more verbal communication too.

Mail Out Craft Kits

Send out craft kits to your child’s friends, and put them together virtually via a video call. Order a few craft kits in the theme your child picks. Package them up for cousins or friends and meet on Zoom to assemble them together.

The kids get the added fun of creating together even though they are not in the same room.

The friends who receive the kits will feel very included and loved. You can find great inexpensive craft kits for many birthday themes. We ordered a couple for my daughter’s pandemic birthday in a unicorn theme.

Go all out with decorations.

If you are not comfortable inviting a small group of friends or family over, go all out with birthday decorations in your own house! Decorate their room, the main living areas and even the backyard.

Have a day at home, or a weekend at home, focused on the birthday boy or girl.

Drive-by birthday or one-on-one doorstep visits.

This would be super fun for the kids! Set a time window for local friends and family to drive by on your child’s birthday. They could even come up to the door one at a time to say hi, drop off a gift (if you do gifts), and make your child feel celebrated.

You can set up times or just have a window for waving to them as they pass by.

Send out Invitations

We forget that while we our children may like having a party for their birthday, others like being invited too! We have all had less events to attend during the coronavirus pandemic. People do not feel that inclusion of being invited to parties and events like before.

Send out birthday invitations to make a pandemic birthday more special. You can order great custom birthday invitations online at Basic Invite.

Basic Invite is one of the few websites that allows customers almost unlimited color options with instant previews online. You can even order a printed sample of your actual invitation before you place your final order.

Basic Invite offers an address capturing service that allows customers to share a link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest to request their friends and family’s addresses. The addresses are stored in the customer’s account and can be selected during the design process.

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There is joy for the person being invited. Mailing out kids birthday invitations makes your child feel special, helps you connect them with everyone being invited, and gives the person receiving the invite a bit more personal connection from feeling wanted and included.

Even simple ideas like a dance party, a movie day, manicure/spa day in the house, ordering in favorite food, or making their favorite meal and cake from scratch go a long way to making a child feel special.

These kids birthday party ideas during coronavirus will have your child feeling special whether their birthday is during this covid pandemic or not!

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Kids birthday party idea during coronavirus covid 19 pandemic.