Two young preschool girls are putting together a large puzzle. There are puzzle pieces spread out on a table in front of them. These 6 DIY puzzles for kids to make and do will help brain development and learning.

DIY puzzles for kids help children of any age learn matching and problem-solving skills. We do puzzles together for family time. It is just like game night. Good, quality time together and always laughs, competition and conversations.

These homemade puzzle ideas are a fun surprise for kids. It takes the traditional puzzle and makes it a new experience. Puzzles teach kids so much. DIY puzzles for kids are a great learning tool to have at home.

6 DIY Puzzles for Kids

Puzzles From Fruit

I used pumpkins for this one. You could cut a grape, a strawberry a banana and an apple in half. Then ask your toddler to match up the fruit pieces that go together. Puzzle and a snack. 😊

If you would prefer to not use real food for this, print out a few images of fruit. Cut them in pieces and make a puzzle from them that way.

That idea is similar to this DIY puzzles activity.

Puzzles From Pictures

I used to use this idea in my preschool classrooms. Then, I made a few for home when my kiddos were preschool and elementary school age.

It is so simple! Of course you can purchase photo puzzles from the photo gift sites, but you can make one easily at home too.

The details are all in this article for you.

Puzzles from Playdough

Playdough gets a second life with these two ideas.

First, the DIY playdough puzzle is two activities in one. It is a fine motor, matching game. It is also a literacy game to begin teaching preschoolers to read. Get all the details. It is so easy to make.

Second, you can make an extra puzzle with the same batch of playdough. It is for learning numbers and counting skills.

We had such a good experience making and learning with this. Read about it here.

Make a great homemade playdough recipe. The kids can play with it and then you can DIY puzzles from it for extra fun. Playdough is so versatile.

Puzzle Kits

Amazon make your own puzzle kits allow kids to get creative. These are just a few options on the Amazon website. (You can use my affiliate link.)

Make-and-Send Portrait Puzzles

Portrait Puzzles use your photo to make a unique, custom puzzle. The size options offer a lot of variety. This idea makes a great unique gift for kids too!

DIY puzzles for kids give you options on creativity and variety. Puzzles teach math skills, so doing them works the brain in an effective and fun way.

What are your favorite puzzles to do with your kids? What do you prefer: puzzle night or game night?

Preschool girl putting together a puzzle. Text reads DIY puzzles for kids to make and play.