Encourage your kids' curiosity with activities that children of all ages can do together.

Activities to encourage your kids’ curiosity does not require expensive kits or classes. You can engage your children in fun explorations, simply. This list of 10 activities for multiple ages will encourage your kids’ curiosity both at home and out and about.

Encourage Your Kids’ Curiosity with Activities for Kids of All Ages

Dry Erase Markers on the Windows

Draw on the windows with dry erase markers (Amazon link).  It wipes right off. Kids get a creative spark when we change up the normal ways we do things. Take the dry erase markers from the white board to the windows.

If any marker gets on the molding of the windows, either ammonia-based window cleaner, or a magic eraser cleaning sponge should remove it. I start by telling my child that they need to keep the marker drawing on the glass. Then, as always, supervision is key to kids learning the boundaries.

Sock and Cardboard Tube Bowling

Bowling with paper towel tubes and sock ‘balls’ is perfect for an indoor rainy day. Fold a couple of socks together to make a soft ball. Line up some paper towel tubes, or toilet paper tubes into a triangle shape on the floor.

You have an instant bowling game to encourage your kids curiosity and eye hand coordination.

Jump in the Puddles on a Rainy Day

Go jump in the puddles! It’s just water after all. If it is not rainy, fill up a little kiddie pool or make a puddle in the driveway. Water play always keeps kids exploring and playing.

Child jumping into a puddle of water. Text reads encourage kids' curiosity with 10 multi-age activities.


Keep completing puzzle after puzzle. I did this with the kids one summer. We worked together to complete as many puzzles, in a row, as we could.

My kids love puzzles, and they go on a ‘puzzle kick’ at times completing multiple in a row. Sometimes it is just as fun to break them apart as it is to put them together. Lots of puzzle ideas for kids here.


My kids will sit and read and read and read. It can be frustrating to sit and do the same activity over and over again, but it breeds attention span. (Soak up the cuddle time, because it does not last forever!) Why not dive deep into your child’s interests and stick with it as long as they are curious! 

  • A lot of lap time grows a connection from learning with the feeling of security and being loved.
  • Each time you read a book, change up how you read it.
  • Make it a scavenger hunt asking your child to locate something in the picture.
  • Instead of reading the words, point to and name each object pictured so it becomes a vocabulary lesson.
  • Name colors for younger children, or ask questions of older ones such as, “How would you feel if you were the main character,” or “What would you do if you had that happen to you?”
  • Try the Story Rope Book Report Idea. It is even great for preschoolers to spark their curiosity about books.

Pet Store Field Trip

Visit a pet store to look at the fish and small animals. When you return home, look the animals up on-line to read about them. You can even visit your local library to check out books that will explain more about each critter.

This is always a fun, fairly quick, free field trip for my kids. They always get excited to check out the animals.

Mall Play Area

Many malls have little play areas inside. Locate one in your area. They are usually free, and easily accessible. Is your area in our Free and Cheap Activities Guide yet? If not, submit your fave kids activities near you!

Play in the Garage

Just because it may be raining out does not mean you can’t get a little shelter and still feel like you are outdoors. Spend some time in the garage. This works to change up the scenery even on a day that is not rainy.

My children like to ‘play’ wash their ride-on toys (Amazon link). You can also clean some neglected items or sweep away as your child(ren) entertain themselves. 

Even washing the car can be done (often times) while in the garage-I let my children clean the wheels and tires or bumpers and lights. They enjoy helping with the ‘adult’ jobs. If you do all of this with the garage door open, you still get to enjoy the rain with a little shelter overhead.

Air Mattress Wobble

Blow up an air mattress and your children can walk on it. It is a balance activity. Just explain that there can be no jumping, unless popping the mattress is not an issue!

A similar activity is a pillow path. We did this with the kids when they were crawling. Line up pillows as a path and your child(ren) can step on each pillow to test their balance.

They can burn energy by making it all the way to the end of the path. A great activity for toddlers and learning balance. Another idea is this sensory walk or crawl for babies.

DIY Box Bricks

These large building blocks you can make from shoe boxes encourage so much inventive play! Encourage your kids curiosity to be an engineer using small cardboard boxes. We add a level of fun by wrapping them in gift wrap.

Check out how we made these DIY large building blocks here.

Multi-Age Activity Ideas to Encourage Your Kids’ Curiosity

For rainy days or just days where you need some simple go-to indoor activities, this list will encourage your kids’ curiosity. All ages can play together with this list of activities for multiple ages. They make great brain break activities to get the wiggles out.

Which is your favorite?

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