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Kids of all ages love building structures to use in their pretend and dramatic play scenarios. This is an almost-free way for you to make DIY jumbo building blocks for older infants, toddlers, preschoolers and even school-age kids. All you need are:

  • empty shoe boxes
  • wrapping paper
  • packaging tape
  • scissors
I purchased my wrapping paper from the dollar aisle at Target and already had clear packing tape in the junk drawer. Since I thought up this idea a little while ago, I saved shoe boxes until we had a small collection of them. (Of course, the boxes are free aside from the shoes that were inside!)
Stack of jumbo building blocks. DIY your own set.
The steps to make these jumbo blocks are as simple as wrapping a gift:
Kids can help wrap these jumbo building blocks. Idea shared at The Stay-at-Home-Mom Survival Guide.

DIY Jumbo Building Blocks

1) Tape the top onto the box to keep it steady or tape the top closed, depending on what type of box you have.
2) Wrap the paper around the box and cut so there is enough to cover the box.
3) Wrap the box with the paper, taping as needed with the packing tape.
DIY Jumbo Blocks for Kids are as easy to make as wrapping a gift! Idea from The Stay-at-Home-Mom Survival Guide.

4) Tape along all seams and corners where the tape could rip. This is an important step so the completed boxes will last more than 5 minutes!

5) Repeat to make as many as you like. You can use contact paper instead of the wrapping paper-it may be even sturdier and long-lasting.

My children helped me make these by placing tape and holding the paper down in places. They had a great time playing and building with this homemade toy! I love the colorful wrapping paper we found, but you could use plain colors and let the kids paint or decorate as they choose.
We have had the blocks for about 2 months now and despite a few little tears in the wrapping paper here and there that I have repaired, they are in good shape. The beauty is you can just tape over the rips and the blocks are good-as-new.
My children built a tower first-naturally you cannot have blocks and resist making a tower to knock down! This activity is great for older infants, who are just stacking blocks, on up to school-age kids who can get creative with their structures.
Thanks to inspiration from the Disney movie Planes, my 6-year old called this structure JFK airport.
Children get creative using jumbo building blocks in their creative pretend play. DIY blocks idea from The Stay-at-Home-Mom Survival Guide.
My older two also made a couch.
Your child's creativity is the limit playing with these DIY jumbo building blocks.
The kids started playing even before I could get all of the boxes wrapped!


I had no idea where their creativity would take them with these DIY jumbo building blocks, but I am glad I gave them the opportunity to play with them.

I found a few other fun DIY building block ideas that are worth trying as well:
Sponge blocks over at Inner Child Fun.
Recycled Building Blocks using small food boxes and cardboard tubes at And Next Comes L.

Set of wooden blocks made with 1 $3 piece of wood over at Autodesk Instructables.

Try these DIY photo blocks or even a DIY toy car wash. Toddler and preschool kids will have so much fun.

What do your children enjoy building with blocks?
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