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We had a lot of snow last year in northern Virginia allowing for some snowy fun outdoors, but if you live in a snow-free area (like we do now in southern California), use cotton balls to learn and create with these cotton ball snowball math and art activities for some fun, indoor learning.
My then 3-year old and 6-year old completed these and had a great time (and a full morning) of creating and learning.
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Cotton ball snowball math and art activities for preschool kids to learn on cold winter indoor days.

Cotton Ball Snowball Math and Art Activities

These cotton ball snowball math and art activities are simple enough that I could feed the twins while my daughter and son worked on them. Once you explain these activities, your children can work while you get something around the house completed!
The first activity was a counting one for my 3 year old. I wanted to reinforce one-to-one correspondence, number recognition and number value. I started with a piece of construction paper and drew a small chart on the paper to create sections.
In each section I wrote one number and drew a circle to correspond to that number symbol’s value, so there are three circles in the section with #3, for example:
math and counting learning activity for preschoolers


After explaining that we were going to pretend that the cotton balls were snow balls, I presented this paper to my daughter, counted with her as I pointed to each number symbol and told her that she could glue a snow ball onto each circle to show how many each number represented.


“See, there is one circle for “1”, there are two circles for “2”, and so on.I did have to show her how much glue to use so that she had the information to try it herself-just giving her a glue bottle with no guidelines could have been disastrous!


(This then becomes an exercise in gluing too.) This is her finished work:


winter cotton ball snowball math learning activity for preschoolers


When she was finished, we counted each amount together. Sometimes with toddlers, just completing a project is success whether the concepts taught were really learned or just explored!


My Kindergartner wanted to participate too, but I needed to adjust the project for his level. I created an addition practice sheet for him.
I drew lines on a piece of construction paper to divide the paper into four sections. In the first (top left) section I wrote ‘6’. In the other sections I wrote one addition fact that equaled ‘6’ (a different one in each section).
I wanted to test if he would notice that all the facts added up to the same result. He used the cotton ball snowballs as his math manipulative and worked through each fact.
Here is his completed paper:


 After these structured learning activities, we needed to do something creative, so using the cotton balls again, I encouraged my son to make a winter scene.


I picked up the snowflake stickers from the dollar aisle at Target and already had glitter glue. (You can find similar snowflake stickers at Amazon.)


winter time cotton ball snowball art activity for toddlers, preschoolers and elementary aged kids

All I said to him was, “You can use the cotton balls as snowballs and make a winter picture.” He designed the rest. I did have to help him make the snowman’s face with the glitter glue.


It was a cute piece of art that blended creativity with fine motor skills. (I think my kids were on a snowman kick, because we ended up reading Snowmen At Night about 25 times over the month!)

I hope these simple cotton ball snowball math and art activities can keep cabin fever away on these cold, winter days. You can find even more wintry fun and learning in this post or visit my Winter board on Pinterest.


What activities have been popular in your house this winter?  Any with cotton balls?
Activities for kids: Cotton ball snowball math and art teach fine motor skills, math skills and creativity on winter days inside.