Do you have a child who likes adventure stories? Maybe your school aged child likes comic books but not real books? Getting some kids to read rather than watch an action-packed show on television can be a challenge. I have a son and husband who enjoy their television time. My oldest son does enjoy reading and he was very interested to read the Remote Control Adventures series. He likes action-packed television and movies, so this book series was a natural interest for him.

These would be a great addition to the best books for 13 year old boys. But, they work for younger kids too.

The Remote Control Adventures series combines adventure with comic-book-like action and illustrations to keep the interest of a school-age child. It is a great cross between a tv theme and a suspenseful story-you can ‘see’ it as you read. I was asked by author Lynne Silber to read and review her Remote Control Adventures series for elementary and middle school-aged kids.
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Remote Control Adventures is a series of chapter books written by Lynne Silber. Lynne is a stay at home mom who used to work in the television industry as a producer. She always had a desire to write and share her stories for school-age kids. You can read more about here here.

The series follows siblings, Zack and Lana, who discover that their remote control is magic! They can affect the ending of tv shows that they are watching. The brother and sister find themselves in TV Land and are called to foil the plans of the evil “Producer” who wants the bad guys to win. Each of the books follows a theme: Wild West, Dinosaurs, Pirates, Bugs, Space and Medieval Times.


There are 6 books in this series (and another on the way). I recently read them with my 6 1/2 year old and 3 1/2 year old. The books are definitely too advanced for preschoolers, but early elementary kids will enjoy them. My oldest boy followed the story and quietly acted it out as I read-I could see him out of the corner of my eye wiggling and moving while we were reading. I finally realized he was pretending he was in the story! The books are very descriptive and illustrations are very comic book-like, which will appeal to boys, in particular. The Remote Control Adventures series is a fun read and developmentally appropriate for school age kids. My son enjoyed it, and I think this series is best suited to children 8 years old through middle school.


Remote Control Adventures is a set of books that will appeal to the tv-obsessed school age child and may get them more interested in reading rather than television time. Review and giveaway offered at The Stay-at-Home-Mom Survival Guide.
Lynne was happy to offer up a set of her books for the anniversary gift giveaways and I am so glad that she did! A big thank you to her. You can check out Remote Control Adventures on the web. It is a great gift idea for the holidays. If you would like to read more about Remote Control Adventures, you can use my affiliate link: Remote Control Adventures on Amazon.

To connect with the author or stay updated on the details of the upcoming book #7 in this series, you can visit Remote Control Adventures on Facebook.
Enjoy reading with your children!