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Toddler activity that only requires tissue paper for a fun sensory baby play game.

This tissue paper toddler activity is so good for a day when you are stuck inside! It can be used multiple times throughout the day, and my toddlers were so excited to see the tissue paper more than once.

Tissue paper is a pretty perfect toddler plaything. It crinkles, it rips, it swings and sways. You can kick it without hurting anything, and you crumple it and toss it too. It is a one-item activity that pretty much all of us have in our house.

Grab your package of tissue paper or scrounge around for a few pieces. You will want to try this with your toddlers! My toddlers had fun with this one-check out the video later in the post.


Tissue Paper Toddler Activity

Part of the One Item Activities series here on the blog, this activity for toddlers is a great indoor sensory exploration. Fancy words for it will be fun for your toddler! Just be sure they do not put any in their mouth. Tissue paper can be a choking hazard.


1 or more pieces of tissue paper


I set the pieces of tissue paper on our rug in the toddlers’ normal play area.

Tissue paper toddler activity-only one item needed for this play activity for babies.

They immediately moved toward it and wanted to explore. The tissue paper kept them moving for a while.

Tissue paper toddler activity-one item activity series.

I pointed out some of the colors in the different pieces.

My twin girl even investigated pretty intently for a minute.

Tissue paper toddler activity-one item activity series.

It is great if you can find some tissue paper with different colors or patterns to make this tissue paper toddler activity more visually stimulating. If plain is all you got, use it!

They can still give it a kick, or a grab, or a crumple!

Tissue paper toddler activity-one item activity series.

What more does a toddler want when they play and explore?

You could even try tucking this collection of tissue paper into the cupboards or drawers that your toddler likes to unload frequently. It just might divert their attention from unloading the things you don’t want them touching, they can find and play with the tissue paper instead.

My twins had a ball with this when they were a little over a year old. You can check out a portion of their playtime in the video below.

Have you tried this tissue paper infant and toddler activity yet?

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Toddler activity with tissue paper is a simple and fun one item activity for kids.