Making Valentine's with kids is really fun and can be money-saving too. These 7 easy Valentine's crafts for kids to make and bake are a great list of ideas.

These Valentine’s Crafts for kids can be great homemade gifts for family and friends. They are so easy to make and bake. A bit of variety for even the non-crafty moms to do with their kiddos. No stress Valentine’s crafts for kids are my go-to.

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Easy Valentine’s Crafts for Kids to Make and Bake

My kids love to bake cookies. This recipe for sugar cookies and icing is our absolute favorite. I found these gift boxes for cookies (affiliate link) and boxes for cupcakes (affiliate link) too. We package up our goodies and deliver to friends in the neighborhood.

Butterfly crafts get us excited for spring. This quick craft is a great Valentine’s activity for preschoolers. Such a fun gift for grandparents, parents or siblings.

I loved watching them create when they were little and now that they are more independent, crafts like this banner craft are perfect. (Always supervise when scissors are involved.)

It makes the house feel more festive. And, they love being creative.

When my oldest son was in preschool 2 days a week, he made these simple but cute Valentine’s for his class. I wanted the activity to be something he could make himself. I was feeding his little sister frequently at that time.

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This helped him learn cutting and writing skills. If you are not a very crafty mom – or allergic to glitter 😉 – this Valentine’s activity is a great one.

Easy crafts kids can make for Valentine's day gifts or fun indoors.

Make a fun Valentine’s themed meal for the family. My kids are all old enough to do a lot of cooking and food prep on their own. They always wanted to help in the kitchen. Anything cutesy like this they love.

I am way simpler than they are. LOL! But, my girls will just love making these Valentine’s recipes.

Ever see those “Valentine’s Crafts for Kids” posts that were obviously all made by adults? I like to give my kids activities they can do on their own. They are so happy to use their own creativity and skills.

This heart wreath is really cute! Even my crafty 10 year old daughter – who makes all the things all the time – would love the simplicity of this idea from

Grab a Valentine’s’ craft box from Amazon or Hobby Lobby and let the kids create away. We love activity boxes in our house. Part of our homeschool learning are Kiwi Crates (affiliate link). Three of the kids receive one each month. They are wonderful for STEM learning.

When I present simple activities to my children, they always amaze me where they each go with it. Their individual creativity shines through.

What kids Valentines crafts are happening in your house this year?

7 easy peasy Valentine's crafts for kids of all ages to make and bake.