Activities for Homeschooling Preschool: Dr Seuss Apps are a great way to use technology for learning in a homeschool preschool curriculum.

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Since we have started our preschool homeschool activities, I am trying to find ways to incorporate activities that my daughter will enjoy but that will be educational as well. She loves (I mean loves) the iPad. I think she loves it way too much, so we have limits on how long she can use it each day. I prefer her to “play” learning games on it when she does use it.

Since I know she likes playing games on the tablet, it is nice to find apps that teach essential concepts in a great kid-friendly way. Lately we have been playing around with the Green Eggs and Ham Read & Learn app.

We all know the Dr. Seuss story Green Eggs and Ham. Did you know that book is 55 years old? What a milestone to celebrate! Dr. Seuss truly spans the generations. I like learning tools that stand the test of time, and Dr Seuss books have done that.

The morning is when we normally do our homeschool preschool activities-at least the more structured ones. After I drop my oldest off at his school, usually the twins are pretty content to play together and have a snack, so it is prime time for some one-on-one time for my preschool daughter and me.

My daughter always asks if she can use the iPad, so I have her wait until after we finish the lesson of the day. After the 15-30 minutes of time we spend on our lesson-depending on her mood and attention span that day (I do try to push her a little so she does improve)-she can spend some time (15 minutes or so) on the iPad with a learning app like Green Eggs and Ham.

Dr Seuss books are now apps! We use them as extension activitiies for our preschool homeschool curriculum.

The Green Eggs and Ham Read & Learn app is very kid friendly.  My 4 and 7 year olds had an easy time navigating through it. The app is a read aloud of the story, as well as a series of 30+ learning activities.

iPad time is earned in our house, but educational games like the Dr Seuss apps are great learning fun.

The narrator can read or you can turn it off and read the book to your child. The text is highlighted as the narrator reads so emerging readers are encouraged to make the connection to the printed word while they listen and follow along. I really like that feature because my preschooler is starting to recognize sight words and high frequency words, so that emphasis is great for her right now.

Green Eggs and Ham is an app! We love this as part of our homeschool preschool curriculum.

While listening to the story, star icons are hidden on the page (like a little scavenger hunt). Finding and clicking them open up learning activities. There are simple spelling, phonics, rhyming activities, and reading comprehension questions-a great feature for a child just beginning to work on retelling stories.

It is a fun app that encourages an older preschooler or younger school age child to dive into the book Green Eggs and Ham in an interactive way. I like the animations and 30+ activities that were presented. A preschool child is just challenged enough by them to encourage growth without leading to frustration. It has been a nice addition to our homeschool preschool activities. My 4 year old really enjoys the Green Eggs and Ham app.

Preschool homeschool learning activities with the Green Eggs and Ham Dr Seuss learning app.

The Green Eggs and Ham app was just released and is available from Oceanhouse Media, Inc. for download on any iOS 8 or later format-iPhone or iPad. I really enjoy it for a quick activity that my preschooler can do independently. I know she is gaining exposure to important learning concepts as an emerging reader-and she gets to listen to a story as well which she loves.

The Cat in the Hat is also available, and additional Read & Learn book apps will be available from Oceanhouse Media later this year. They are a great supplement to a homeschool preschool curriculum and also are great travel activities for kids. There are no in-app ads, which is so important to me when the app is made for children.

Dr Seuss books are now apps! Green Eggs and Ham was a fun one to review as part of our homeschool preschool curriculum.


What educational apps for kids do your children enjoy?

It will be fun to check out the apps you have used. Leave me a comment below so we can share.