We may have all seen the videos showing Planned Parenthood officials discussing selling baby parts, but we are not talking about the moms who aborted those babies. Their lives teach lessons.

Have you seen the videos? Adults actually discussing selling baby parts, to the highest bidder. Babies who were not wanted, were not viewed as valuable just moments before suddenly became worth something after their lives had been terminated. We live in a strange world. I do not understand it all, but I think we need to talk about the group many are not discussing in this situation-the moms who had abortions at Planned Parenthood.

I view those videos and wonder how this whole event is even possible. How is it that a woman has a right to choose this any way? I actually don’t have hate for the moms who abort their babies, although I can not understand that choice. I can understand how heavy of a burden motherhood can be at times. I can understand how the responsibility of becoming a mother when you are not ready for it can make you wonder if babies can be bad news?

I live every day with the blessings and burdens of motherhood. It is my full-time job. So, I know first-hand that motherhood may not be for the faint of heart or those who are not in it for the long haul. I also know that often when we feel unprepared for a challenge, God has us right where He needs us.

I can only imagine how great the weight can feel if you suddenly arrived at a positive pregnancy test result without being prepared for it…without wanting it.

Most women who become pregnant have chosen to put themselves in the situation to possibly conceive a child. Only 1% of abortions are reported as being due to rape. That being said, my heart hurts for the moms who may now be viewing the Planned Parenthood videos showing grown women talking about the aborted babies as valuable…in parts. What a moment to have, as they sit back in their current life whether better off or worse off since aborting their baby at Planned Parenthood.

I don’t know anyone that has had an abortion at Planned Parenthood or elsewhere, but I know a few moms who have had miscarriages-including myself. I know that feeling of having life inside and then having it just be gone. I didn’t choose that. I can’t understand making that choice, but I wonder if anyone concerned themselves with the choice of the mothers when it came to selling their babies?

The Planned Parenthood videos talking about selling baby parts cause each of us to have a reaction, but what about the moms of those babies? We need to talk about them.

How many moms would have said no to this proposition when given all of the details of what would happen? What would they have chosen if they could see what life could be like for their unborn child in an adopted home?

Planned Parenthood says that mothers sign a release to donate fetal tissues after the abortion is complete. They say the prices that were quoted to sell fetal tissue from aborted babies would not allow for a profit, but would only help their bottom line. Donate for research…because there is value in the tissues that made up the baby…after it is no longer alive…

Greg Gutfeld, a Fox News commentator and co-host of the show The Five, said it well when he pointed out the hypocrisy of Planned Parenthood and abortion rights advocates. These two groups promote that a baby at an early enough gestation is not a viable life growing inside its mother, but suddenly decide that an aborted baby is viable and valuable enough (in parts) to help another grown adult maintain their life.

Moms who had abortions at Planned Parenthood, I am hurting for you. You were told it was your body, your choice. You were told it would not matter to the baby-they couldn’t feel anything, they weren’t capable of sustaining life at that stage. You may have had incredible pain, worry and stress in the moment. We are all guilty of making choices without knowing the full results. We are all guilty of sinning even when we know it is wrong. We are all imperfect mothers.

I have always been told by religious folks that we can not compare sins and say one is worse than another. My dad always reminds me that the Bible says to even harbor a hateful thought is the same as committing murder. How many times have we thought about wanting an escape from motherhood? How many times have we gotten angry in moments when our children do something irresponsible? How many times have we felt trapped by the mess of motherhood? We are all not perfectly in control of our thoughts and action all the time-even when we may present that to others.

We see the Josh Duggar debacle as a reminder that many Christians often hide their truth so they will not be judged. We feel heavy with the burden of this life and the temptation to do right, to follow Jesus, and we so often fail.


I won’t say sin is ok. I don’t want it to be ok in my life. I want to always try harder to do better.


Through our lives, if we really look at the growth we achieve because of our faith, we can see how we have made strides to become better people. Despite these gains, we always have something in our lives that needs work.

I guess a few of those moms who aborted their babies-the babies who may have ended up sold had Planned Parenthood not been caught in the act-must sit back and question their actions. They may sit back and wonder what life their child could have had if adopted into a stable home. It may not even have taken these videos to make these women reflect on whether aborting their baby was a choice they should have made. I constantly reflect on my poor choices and try to learn from them. Sometimes the lessons take years to learn.

When we make a bad choice it is both a potential lesson to us and to others.

Our poor choices are not without value. They teach us and others. Life matters-even the bad moments.

A former pastor of mine once said, “We are all here for a reason: some as warnings and some as examples.” I believe we all manage to be both examples and warnings through the course of our lives at different times. That is the beauty of God’s grace. It is available to all of us-no matter how imperfect we feel as moms. No matter how sinful our actions have been today. No matter our past or our future failures.

I want the moms who had abortions at Planned Parenthood to know that God protects their babies now. He encompasses them in love and protection. He offers it to those moms too. He offers it to all of us. Being an imperfect mom is a weakness, but it is a reality of human life. Often our weaknesses provide us with the best lessons and the quickest path to Jesus.

My actions don’t make me better or worse than other moms. They make me a more complete version of who God intends me to be while I am living this life. I don’t think God wants us to abort our babies, or sin in any way. I do believe any time we ignore the needs of those more vulnerable than we are we sin-both as moms who never had an abortion and moms who have had abortions at Planned Parenthood or elsewhere.

Jesus died because we will always be weak. He was strong so we could try to overcome our weaknesses.

Jesus dies because we will always be weak. He was strong so we could try to overcome our weaknesses.


To the moms who have had abortions: Your life is still valuable.


Your life matters.


Life teaches lessons.


God is in control.


We all need to follow Jesus.

For the Moms Who Had Abortions-We see the Planned Parenthood videos about selling baby parts and I wonder what the moms of those babies must be going through now. I think their lives matter and teach us so much.


What is your reaction to the Planned Parenthood videos documenting the discussion of selling baby parts? Share in the comments below.


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