Create an Easter egg alphabet order game with plastic eggs in time for Spring and Easter. There are so many activities for using plastic Easter eggs! Are you on over-load? This one is unique and engages more than just the intellect. You can use this activity as a gross motor game too! I like getting my kids moving and learning since they have loads of energy.

Spread this activity out on the floor and give it a try. You need two supplies to try it-and I bet you have them in your house right now!

Easter Egg Alphabet Order Game

SUPPLIES: (Only 2!)

plastic Easter eggs, 13 of them (empty)

First, write a letter on each egg. We use these eggs for another letter matching game, so we write the upper case letter on the top half and its matching lower case letter on the bottom half. (Prep once, play twice.)

The goal is to work on learning alphabetical order. Sing the ABC song to help recall the order of the letters.

Start with A and place it down, then add B on top to create an alphabetical order tower.

Use plastic Easter eggs to make this game to teach alphabetical order.

This Easter egg alphabet order game is great for preschoolers and uses up those plastic Easter eggs. We stack the eggs and then knock them down-this is the gross motor part. Then we scramble to pick them all up and put them back in our basket.

Use plastic Easter eggs to make this game to teach alphabetical order.

Now your preschooler can put the eggs away by matching the upper case and lower case letters to connect the egg halves. Two learning activities in one!

We stored these plastic Easter eggs in an extra Easter basket just for fun. It was an easy activity for my preschooler to grab when she wanted to play.
Read a great spring book from this list of spring books for preschoolers. Books make every preschool lesson better.

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