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It can be tough to get kids moving when you are stuck inside. Patty Shukla Kids Music is a solution for you! This will get your little ones moving-and even getting exercise-while inside. I used these when I was too sick to really keep up with my kids, or when they needed to be inside due to bad weather.

Let me tell you about the CD and DVD that I had a chance to listen to and view with my kiddos in order to be able to tell you all about what Shukla Music has to offer.


My children and I listened to Patty’s CD Play With Me, Sing Along!The CD is a fun and refreshing addition to the world of children’s music. The music is original, encourages movement and is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. The verses are repetitive-great for young children-so my older two children were singing along with the songs during the first listen. I was chanting them as well because they are so catchy. (In fact, I overheard my toddler singing, “Play with me, sing along..” just the other day over a week after we had listened to the CD!)



The songs that Patty has included encourage movement that mimic animals as well as simple stomping or clapping that would get my kids moving on a rainy day when we were stuck inside a little too long. Patty Shukla Kids Music teaches core concepts and basic skills.


This would be a great resource to pull out on an indoor day-or one of “those days” where you have so much going on you just can’t quite engage your children in activities like you want…when I was pregnant these CDs and DVDs were a life saver since I was too tired out to be very active with my older kids.



The music lyrics encourage following directions such as “stop” and “go”, “wave your hands” and “tap your toes”. There are also some songs that encourage slowing down and even one or two that could be considered lullabies. It’s a nice mix of music.

The DVDs from Patty Shukla Kids Music offer another layer of interaction. The same songs that are on many of Patty’s CDs are brought to life on her DVDs featuring Patty herself and children acting out the motions to the songs to help guide the participation.


My children and I had the chance to view Musical PE for You & Me and just as the title suggests, this was an exercise video for kids!It encouraged large motor movements and was simple enough for my toddler to follow. She even grabbed her toy guitar at one point to “play” along with Patty. My children were dancing along to Patty’s CD as they were painting at the easel today! It was a riot watching them move and paint to the song S.T.O.P.



I think you will find these music collections will be a great addition to your home learning or even a nice change to the kids’ music in your car on a road trip.


A little about Patty:
“As a mother of two and [holding] a degree in theater, [Patty] realized what an impact educational music made on her own children and how quickly they learned. She has songs about shapes, colors, textures, left and right, helping verbs, counting and using your imagination, sign language and more. She researches the core curriculum for preschool and elementary students and gets her inspiration from those developmental key milestones. What makes Miss Patty’s music so catchy is the variety of upbeat styles, the simple lyrics and the fact that children can dance along.”


From Patty herself:
“My main focus with my music is core curriculum for preschool and elementary students, plus a LOT of movement and interaction!”
There are now 6 music apps that include some of Patty’s most popular music videos, interactive instruments and lyrics so your child can play and read along while singing. Simply search “Patty Shukla” on an iPad or iPhone.

If you are interested in looking through Patty’s collection of music for children via my affiliate link, click here

You can find more from Patty Shukla Kids Music by visiting her WebsiteFacebook Page, or her YouTube Channel

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