Journaling is a helpful action for maintaining a state of gratitude in motherhood.

You know I am always going to tell it like it is when it comes to being a mom. The mom truths are so relevant to every mom. The hard times and the good times are things we really do have in common. Maintaining a state of gratitude in motherhood means actively noticing the good.

We each experience different challenges based on our children, families and lifestyle, but there is so much the same about what moms go through.

We all begin our journey as stay-at-home moms to be present with our children. In this day and age building a strong family has never been more important. Children need their moms and dads. We as their caregivers need to care for ourselves as well.

How to fit in time to recharge is a topic I have written a lot about!

I have mother-ed through the baby stage, toddlers years, preschool years, school age and now middle school stage. My children have allowed me to grow so much in how I approach challenges.

I know that we as moms set the example. We teach our children how to approach life. We are their compass of values.  If we do not teach our children, someone else will be depending on who they spend the most time with each and every day.

Journaling to Maintain a Mindset of Gratitude

Journaling is one way that I process stress in my life. Writing is just something I do to release and relax. I keep a blank notebook in my nightstand. When I am wrestling with something on my mind, I write it out.

If I feel motivated to share something that needs to be kept private, I write it down in my journal. These thoughts are kept private. They are just for me. But, it is a way to get them out. It helps me release stress.

Focus on a mindset of gratitude in motherhood with the Joy of Being workbook.

The Joy of Being: Gratitude Journaling

Bullet journaling (like with the Done List) and gratitude journaling are both great ways to process what you have in your mind and on your heart.

A journaling workbook like Joy Of Being: Daily Moments of Becoming Present helps you focus each day on staying in a state of gratitude.

Joy of Being Daily Moments of Becoming Present

No matter what has happened today – vomit on the rug, blow out diapers, dog hair everywhere, dishes piled in the sink – you can look past all that and find the blessings.

What is great about Joy Of Being: Daily Moments of Becoming Present is it is structured to help you re-focus. The journal workbook will help realign your mind to think about what went well that day. What you have to be grateful for are the blessings to keep in mind – in all seasons of motherhood!

Specifically, I love the act of taking stock at the start of the day. Setting intentions for the day is a great way to get into the right mindset. The journal walks you through this action.

Joy of Being sample page

There is a mid-day check in portion too. This is great to do at lunch or naptime to reassess and refocus. Pulling your mindset out of a potential slump is helpful for combating daily stressors and taking steps to avoid overwhelm.

Then you can reflect to wind down at the end of the day. Get the thoughts down on paper so they are not swirling in your mind. Better rest is a form of stress release too. Joy of Being walks you through each of these steps.

As I enter a season of parenting in the teen years, there is so much that is easier. But, the challenges become more mental. When I had babies I was exhausted. Now, I can sleep, but have to stay mentally aware of what the kids are watching, saying, who they are hanging out with, etc. It is a different kind of effort in these years.

I get to take stock of all the years I have been present in my children’s lives. All the time I have spent with them, caring for them, teaching them, that is what I am grateful for. There is no sadness in seeing them grow up! I take joy in it.

That mindset is a positive one to cultivate for all moms. When we are spending so much time each day with our children, we can take heart that it is making an impact. We are doing all that we can to raise our children to be loving and loved people.

There is no greater contribution to the world!

The efforts we spend every day as moms, are an investment in our children. Our example leads them.

I pray that this workbook helps all moms focus on the blessings among the challenges of mothering. You can remain joyful for all that you do for your family.

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Begin your daily gratitude exercise. Maintaining a state of gratitude is a form of filling up your cup as a mom.

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What act each day helps you stay focused on being grateful? Do you like to use journaling or workbooks?

Cultivating a mindset of gratitude with the Joy of Being journal workbook.