The Power of A Mother's Presence: Moms are valuable, important, and often more so than they know. The presence of my mother and father were a key in my faith being strong as an adult.

As a child, I don’t remember a day where my mom was not there. I am told my mom had to put me in a home daycare for a week after I was born, so she could transition from day shift to night shift. I was home with her all day, and my dad was home at night when she had to work. She basically did not sleep.

Can you imagine?

Maybe you sacrifice your sleep to be present in your child’s life while they are in need of you the most. All moms have to sacrifice for their family. It can feel exhausting to be stretched so thin on sleep or patience or both. We can feel like being present with our children every time they need us is too much to give.

Do you know how powerful your presence is in the life of your child?  

I want you to know exactly how valuable you are! Head over to Me Too Moments for Moms to read the full version of my post The Power of A Mother’s Presence….because you are SO valuable in the life of your child.

How did your mother shape how you approach your work as a mom?