The real impact of a mother at home details one stay-at-home mom's journey through the amazing gifts of motherhood. In picture: A family holding hands while the sun sets in the background.

I started this blog to encourage friends who were unhappy being stay at home moms. They did not see the value of being home full time with their children. Teaching my daughters that choosing to stay at home is a worthwhile option is important to me. Teaching my sons it is worth it, if their wives choose to be at home to care for their children. They need to know that staying at home is a valuable choice.

There is a comfort level with this idea that we teach as moms. We really do show our children what motherhood takes. It is our example that shows them whether motherhood is a full-time job, or not.

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I teach my daughters and sons that the presence of a mother is vital. They see me working non-stop all day for the family. Rarely do I have time to go to lunch with friends, engage in hobbies, or sit around watching tv.

I know when my children are grown, I will have wide open windows of time to fill. Then, I will get a lot of rest. Motherhood provides us with seasons.

I see my parents and my in-laws enjoying their retirement years. Raising my children to be successful adults is hard work, but the all-in approach is not forever. Children do grow up.

Isn’t it funny the direction life can take you? The path we travel is sometimes like an uphill climb. But, when we stop, and reflect on the distance we have traveled, the journey is a gift.

Looking back on all the years that this blog has been operational is such a blessing. The Stay-at-Home Mom Survival Guide, is a labor of love.

When I started The Stay-at-Home-Mom Survival Guide (SAHMSG for short), I was starting a ministry. It was my goal to put effort in to helping moms see their value. You can read about it in my very first post.

I could always feel it. Thanks to my mom’s example, I knew that my time with my children was worth the investment.

Jaimi Erickson The Stay-at-Home Mom Survival Guide featuring personalized necklace from JoyAmo.

That will always be the purpose of The SAHM Survival Guide: Encouraging you to see your value in the seasons of motherhood. This is a place to go when you need to focus on the gift God gave you when He gave you children.

SAHMSG is my heart in words. Now, I can wear it proudly to remember how much we have grown here.

The Journey of the SAHM Survival Guide

Recently, I was interviewed for a podcast. This was the first interview of this type that I have done.

Sharing the journey of the SAHM Survival Guide, and all that it has grown to become, was really grounding. God led me to share here in this little corner of the internet. Yet, this blog reaches around the world.

We have readers from Europe, The USA, the Middle East and SE Asia. Isn’t that incredible!? It is amazing to me that a positive way we can use the internet is to encourage people we do not even know.

My ministry the stay at home mom survival guide with JoyAmo personalized jewelry.

My hope is that my authenticity shows. I always share in a transparent way. Never will I embarrass my children, but I will not sugarcoat motherhood, either.

It is the great days that help us have strength to get through the difficult ones. Often, there are more challenging days of motherhood rather than easy ones. We moms have to remember these truths about being a mom.

Today, to celebrate this gathering place, I am reflecting on all that I love about being a mom. Being a stay-at-home mom has been a door that I did not realize would lead to this blog, this ministry, and writing to encourage others.

All that Has Come from Being A Stay-at-Home Mom

I just wanted to stay home with my children so I did not have to put them in daycare. I just wanted to be present. I just wanted to be available and aware of what was going on with them. I never want them to to navigate hard points in life alone.

Our family has been shaped by my choice to stay at home. And, this blog has been a surprising avenue that not only allows me to minister to moms, but it has helped my family prosper.

Just like it says in Proverbs 31, women focus on the needs of their families; we work hard for our family; we contribute to our family however it needs.

I see this blog as a way that I can do that.

Through partnerships like the one with JoyAmo Jewelry, connections allow me to start from a place of ministry and share authentically to encourage you. We learn from the parable of the sower that although it may be the job of the sower to keep planting seeds, the harvest will come.

This blog is my way of planting seeds in the motherhood world. Women need to know how valuable their presence is in the lives of their children.

Women need to lean in at home. We need to be present to really help our families prosper.

All I Love About Being a Mom with JoyAmo

As my children grow taller than me, I soak in the small little moments that could have gone unnoticed. All I love about being a mom are the big gains our family makes because I am able to stay at home. And, I also cherish the little things.

  • The way their hair smells right after a bath, and the day after.
  • The way they give me a hug as the first thing they do right after time out. Proof that they know we are always on the same side.
  • The way they have made me more confident because I have to leave the house without any makeup. If I take more than 5 minutes to get ready there will be whining, or marker on the wall, or someone fighting.
  • The way my teens now get my sarcasm and inside jokes. I can make them smile with one little witty comment.
  • Watching my oldest help his younger siblings understand our household rules – and sometimes act as policeman to keep the little ones in line.
  • Seeing my children speak from a place of love and kindness to their siblings and friends – even saying the hard truths.
  • Listening to my children lean in to a Biblical perspective. Doubling down when someone criticizes to stay strong in their faith.
  • The fights that turn so quickly into laughter amongst all four kids. They love each other in the end.
  • Hearing them defend each other.
  • When they forgive me for my bad moments when I raise my voice or get overwhelmed. The know how to forgive.
  • Seeing the look on my husband’s face when he reflects on the strengths of our kids.

Mothers Impact History Too

Your likeness does not have to be cast in bronze to make an impact on this life. You only need to impact one person in a positive way each day to leave your stamp on eternity.

SAHMSG is this blog. The Stay-at-Home Mom Survival Guide has been a place to go for encouragement. It is here for you with resources for the years of motherhood. It is here for me as a place to pour out my heart for encouraging moms.

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Enjoy your time with your children.

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