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This free printable daily routine will have you focused on balance for a successful summer with kids. Summer vacation is not far away. It is time to make the bucket lists – even if that includes wide, open days of rest and family time.

There is no need to over-schedule and over-complicate what can be a very balanced, fun time of connection for you and your family.

This moms’ guide to a successful summer with kids is part of the Mama’s Summer Recipe to Thrive Summit. As a speaker in the summit, I have an opportunity to share tips and ideas for focusing on enjoying the summer break from school.

Having the kids home all day can be overwhelming. So, as a homeschool mom, I share my best tips in this moms’ guide to a successful summer with kids.

The key is balance.

Free Printable Routine for a Successful Summer with Kids

As part of the summit, I am offering a re-vamped daily success routine checklist for you. You can download this for free!! Click the image below to subscribe by email and get your copy.

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How this printable works: Each day of the summer is broken up into segments. Our routine is to focus on some tasks in the morning, some in the afternoon, and some in the evening. These are not all busy tasks. Some are restful and meant to be family-oriented time together.

There is a balance, though. We can get too scheduled with our fun field trips and playdates. Then, we end up with a house that is messy, not restful, and that leads to stress.

Sample image of the successful summer at home with kids daily routine checklist.

The goal of everything here at the SAHM Guide is balance. That means taking stress and directing it towards finding the priorities and focusing on them.

So, this summer is going to be great! I can feel it.

The bucket lists are being written, but balance is the key.

I am so excited to share more with you during the Mama’s Summer Recipe to Thrive Summit! Save your spot in the virtual summit here!

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I am telling you; this event is going to encourage you to thrive this summer. The kids will be home, memories will be made and you are going to soak in all the time together. It will be worth it.

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What are you most excited about during your summer vacation with the kids home?

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