This is a sponsored conversation written by myself on behalf of Luvs at Walmart. All text an opinions are my own.

Mom share their best mom advice and tips for parenting.

I heard it so many times, I almost started rolling my eyes. “What do you do all day?” As if house, kids, meals, cleaning, laundry and all the rest of the odds and ends of a stay-at home mom’s life just didn’t take up a day’s worth of time. The blessing of being asked this somewhat insulting question (even if it was not meant to be delivered that way), is that it helped me develop my best piece of mom advice.

My best piece of mom advice is not easy to share and not easy to hear for some. Often the most important tips to consider are the ones that are not easy to hear.

Advice in mom realms is tough.

Say too much and the other moms get concerned that you are going to judge them; say too little and your chance at impacting another mother for the better is lost.

I am not worried about how my advice is taken. I can only control how it is delivered, and all of it is delivered from love, encouragement, and experience.

After 10 years of being a mom, I know for a fact that the opinions of others are not our concern.

We will never make everyone happy.

The one fact about motherhood I am sure of is no one will ever be more in your corner than your kids.

That leads me to my piece of advice for you.

Best Mom Advice

The people around us-outside of our homes-do not really know. They don’t know our hearts and our intentions.

But one thing I do know is I protect those within my home above everything else.

That is why I say stick to your values. Stick to your parenting boundaries, beliefs, disciplinary actions, whatever it all is that makes your unique parenting style, stick to it.

We teach them our values….and they will teach us so much about gut instinct, super woman skills, and above all else, sticking to your guns, mama.

Just do it. Even if balls of negative looks and comments are thrown your way, your friends turn their back, or life is over-complicated. Parent those children as you see fit.

We question our parenting skills way too much. Way too much. So many questions that I will just dispel here right now:

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  • Making your own baby food is so easy!
  • Your presence with your kids matters more than any toy you buy them.
  • To get your kids to eat healthy you need to buy healthy. (It really is that easy.)
  • Saying no is part of teaching self-discipline.
  • Praise them! Look for the good nuggets of behavior and praise them.
  • Know that you truly are the best parent for YOUR kids. Don’t question that.

Others are questioning us already so why devote effort to something that others are already doing? That is a waste of time. 😉

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Let them. Let them question, because you know what your babies need-even if you think you don’t.

You are raising your home team.

When the world turns-or it feels like it-that home team will be your resting place. They will cheer for you, they will give hugs, they will make you feel included and loved.

Stick to it, because no one knows your kids as well as you, and no one knows you as well as your kids.

Best Mom Advice: Moms Share Series

I asked my fellow stay-at-home moms over in our group Stay-at-Home Moms Share Together, to share their best mom advice. I actually enjoy reading advice from other moms. It helps me think about my own parenting goals.

After you read their tips, look out for a great savings opportunity for some baby essentials at the end of this collection of best mom advice. 😊

Here is what the moms share:

“Don’t sweat the small stuff, it really does go fast ( as I’m about to send my twins to college next week) the days are so long but the years are too short.” Shannon P.

“Buy the money-saving diapers. We think expensive always means better quality, but when it comes down to it, budget-friendly diapers such as Luvs from WalMart work great.” -J.E.

“It’s ok to have a ‘mom’s not on top of her game day’ and have the tv on a little too much and order take out. You have not failed as a mom if you have a few days like that.” -Anonymous

“Don’t worry if your kid/s want potato chips for dinner for the 5th straight night, it’s not your cooking 🤷🏻‍♀️ kids will be kids and they’ll eventually eat their greens.” -Gracie B.

“Get outside as much as possible with little ones and bigger ones. Playground time, park time, just laying a blanket in the backyard with art supplies or books does wonders for everyone’s moods.” -Anonymous

“Don’t compare yourself, your parenting, or your child to others!” -Jessica L.

“Sleep when your baby sleeps. Go on a date night once a month. Balance the love and discipline.” -Lorie B.

“Don’t forget your marriage or yourself.” -Kim D.

“Pick your battles. Just because your parents did it a certain way doesn’t mean it’s your way.” -Tricia D. (@zeemaidcom)

“It’s ok to not want to be with your children every single second of the day. We need a minute or two or a whole Netflix episode to gather ourselves. Whether it means going to the bathroom alone, having a hot cup of coffee or even going to get a manicure IT’S OK! As long as they are safe, you’re doing a great job.” -Gladys G.

“Know your own values so you can be intentional about mothering in your own unique way.” -Tracy M. (@yourtwinmom)

“Don’t be so harsh on yourself, as mommy’s we carry the weight of their world on our shoulders. We weren’t meant to carry that weight, God was!” -Amber C. (@pdbling10)

“It’s okay to not always like your kids. That’s a very normal feeling and we don’t talk about it. Find a mom best friend and say the ugly things out loud to her so you never say them to your kids but you get it off your chest.” -Kendra M. (@kendradiy4)

“Don’t sweat the small stuff b/c there WILL be bigger things to worry about.” -Sabrina D.

“If they start talking back at an early age and you don’t correct it, it will just get worse. Correct them while they are young so they know better.” -Kate B.

“Everything is a phase. Everything! The wonderful and the awful. Soak in and enjoy all the wonderful and give thanks for it. Don’t be so stressed about the not-so-wonderful. It will pass!” -Rachel L.

“Every stage has new challenges and new awesomeness.” -Aracely C.

Words to parent by, that is for sure. Now for the bonus!

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The best mom advice from the Moms Share Series plus save on Luvs diapers at Walmart with brandSaver coupon in Sunday paper.

Thanks for loving your children! You are doing great work mama.

What is your best mom advice? Share in the comments below.

Mom share their best mom advice and tips for parenting.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Luvs at Walmart. The opinions and text are all mine.