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Teaching preschool at home for non-crafty moms can be intimidating. You read kid blogger network blogs and think to yourself, “I am not crafty enough to create this!” All the crafty moms sharing the beautifully photographed kids activities that make you wish you could put a great learning activity together for your child, but it would either take too long or look too “homemade”.

I understand your frustration. I have multiple children, a home to care for, a husband who I like spending time with, and errands to run. I am a crafty mom, but I stick with simple preschool activities.

I want you to know, you can do it! Teaching preschool at home for non-crafty moms is possible!

I share simple activities all the time. They are quick to create, easy to recycle if they are used up or ripped, and they cost next to nothing.

My kids get inventive and use their creativity when I step back and let them create. We need to be preparing our children for higher level learning. We can do it at home while they are young. This isn’t about making preschool as academically charged as elementary school, but it is about focusing on what you are teaching with the preschool activities you provide to your children…and keeping it simple!

Teaching Preschool at Home for Non-Crafty Moms

I like looking through the Dollar Aisle and Dollar Store when I have a moment-like when my husband is watching the kids and I get to run to Target on my own! (Mom-vacation!) It is great that there are inexpensive resources for our kids to learn basic concepts.

Going one step further, I look for great ideas from fellow moms who have been home with their kids, They know that many days it is nice to have a table activity or two to get your child engaged in structured-but developmentally appropriate-learning.

Resource for Free Online Preschool

What if you are a non-crafty mom and don’t know how to create any learning activities for your preschool child? Try preschool activities at home like these simple activities for excellent preschool learning.

I am working on compiling all of the best preschool activities at home into a one-click curriculum. For now, you can access it all for free on the Preschool Curriculum page. It is all your source for free preschool online!

Affordable preschool activity learning kits great for homeschool preschool or teaching preschool at home for non-crafty moms.

Each activity has simple instructions and inexpensive supplies. You may even have them at home already. You do not have to figure it all out on your own. Perfect for the non-crafty moms, the busy homeschool moms and the moms who are looking to supplement at home with learning activities when they have time. That is what is great about these excellent preschool learning ideas.

Each activity can be reused. That saves you money since you can stretch out how often you try a new activity. Why not use them as rewards for good behavior if you have a system like that in place? My children act as if activities like this are rewards-they can’t wait to try them out! So many preschool ideas are available. Try adding in a preschool Bible curriculum for homeschool to enhance the lessons.

Affordable preschool activity learning kits great for homeschool preschool or teaching preschool at home for non-crafty moms.

You can go slowly, day by day, and let your child explore at their pace.

Each learning activity is developmentally appropriate for preschool and encourages children to learn through a variety of skills at one time.

With this past year of homeschool preschool under my belt, I am really pleased with the growth that my daughter has made. It is so exciting to be the one teaching her! I know how she learns best and was able to turn that into fun learning activities. Try free online preschool activities if you want to try teaching preschool at home. This is helpful preschool curriculum whether you count yourself as one of the non-crafty moms, or not.

Are you a non-crafty mom? Do you create activities at home or purchase inexpensive resources?

Teaching preschool at home for non-crafty moms does not have to be intimidating. Affordable resouces exist for teaching preschool at home. #sponsored