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There is no need to spend a lot of money on curriculum for teaching preschool at home. This activity introducing the alphabet requires 2 supplies that you probably have already.

This blog is focused on activities you can create with basic supplies that many homes have on hand. If you don’t have the supplies I list, you can easily purchase them on Amazon, at your local Dollar Store, or discount store.

I started my daughter’s preschool at home with introducing the alphabet. It was simple, low-key and set the foundation for the other activities in our preschool at home curriculum plan.

We had a few introductory songs that we read together each morning that you can view in my post about our shared reading time for preschool. The toddler twins enjoyed the time as well.

What you need to get started:

Butcher paper or construction paper

Markers (2 different colors)

Kid-safe scissors

Ziploc bag (for storing the activity when you are done)

Introducing the Alphabet Poster

First, I pulled out a long piece of butcher paper. I wrote the upper-case letters on it with my daughter watching. We said the name of each letter as we went along.

Introducing the alphabet to preschoolers. Preschool at home day 1.

Then I used another color marker to write the lower-case letters next to their upper-case partners. We said each name again as we went.

Introducing the alphabet to preschoolers. Preschool at home day 1.

My preschooler really liked when I wrote, and she could watch. I know some kids like more hands-on activity. It is good for them to see you writing letters too. A variety of learning experiences are so valuable. These Superhero Alphabet Printables are a great follow-on activity for learning the alphabet. (I have more hands-on activities coming your way in this preschool at home series too.)

After all the letters were written out and we said and sang the ABC song, my daughter wanted to try writing the letters on her own.

Introducing the alphabet to preschoolers. Preschool at home day 1.

I created a quick tracing sheet for her using highlighter to write out each upper case letter on a page of her journal. (You can read more about a preschool journal here.) Using a pencil, she traced the letters and I helped when she needed it.

At the end she traced her first name. After this we read a few books about the alphabet letters, and called our morning preschool time done for the day. We will be using this introducing the alphabet poster in our Preschool at Home: Day 2 activities, so keep it handy.

I keep our learning activities in a bin that my kids can take out anytime. That keeps learning at their fingertips, and gives me an easy redirection when things are getting too crazy in the house. I often say, “Go grab a learning activity. You need to settle down and work at the table for a bit.”

Preschool at home is simple, but such a great experience in the end.

Are you just looking into teaching preschool at home or have you been doing it for a while?

We started our preschool at home experience with a review of the alphabet in a simple, inexpensive activity that kicked off our learning for the year.