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{This week: Post by Heather}

Life without a mom friend is lonely. You see moms that look like best friends and want that for yourself.  This too shall pass...

It was a day like any other.

I was cleaning and doing laundry,

you know all the fun parts of being a mom,

when I saw my neighbor laughing out in her front yard with her best friend.

These two women were the closest I had ever seen.

They did everything together.

They had seven kids between the two of them, but they rocked it.

They hung out all the time and basically co-parented while their husbands were deployed.

They were always laughing, joking and having fun.

To say I was envious was an understatement.

Not envious in the I-hate-them-and-everything-they-stand-for way because they were the kindest women I had ever met. They invited me to do things with them loads of times. I was envious in the I-wish-I-could-find-a-friendship-like-that sort of way.

I bring this up because to this day I still remember the absolutely soul-crushing feeling I felt when I was doing it all on my own in those early days with a screaming baby. 

I was so utterly alone.

I had no family nearby.

I had no friends in the area.

I was navigating being a first time mom by myself.

It was scary and lonely.

I remember how I would wait in our house day after day for the moment those two light beams would bounce into our covered parking area signaling my husband was home.

Relief would flood through me.

Finally, someone home to talk to,

a real, live adult!

And he tried. 

He really did, but with working 12-16 hours a day he was bone tired.

So I’d often find myself, alone again, up late watching episodes of Grey’s Anatomy,

you know…

the one’s before they killed McDreamy off the show.

Those years were the loneliest ones I can ever remember.

I still cringe when I think about them.

I also feel a pang of sadness because those were the beginning years of my first daughter’s life, and that’s how I remember them.

I remember them with such a heavy heart.

Obviously, I can’t change the way I felt back then, it’s just a part of my mom story.

But it does make me sensitive to the plight of other mothers.

Fast forward 7 years later, and I have actually found a strong mom-friendship

We literally do everything together.

When one of us needs the other to pick up all the kids from school one of us jumps in to help.

When we hang out our kids play and we discipline all of them together.

We laugh so hard when we’re together I have permanent lines by my eyes. (And don’t you dare call them wrinkles!)

Having someone in your “mom” corner is truly an amazing experience.

I know that I can lean on her for help whenever I need, and she knows she’s able to lean on me too.

One thing that is hilarious is that we too have seven kids between the two of us.

I don’t say this to brag, actually quite the contrary. There are times where being a mom can make you feel lonelier than you’ve ever felt before.

There will be moments when the days drag on and on.

When you feel unlike yourself.

When you question what you’re doing.

When being a mom doesn’t feel like enough.

And I want you to know,

It’s okay to feel this way.

It is completely okay.

You are normal and there are other moms who feel just like you,

no really there are.

And most importantly this will pass.

It will.

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Life without a mom friend is lonely. You see moms that look like best friends and want that for yourself.  This too shall pass...

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