Things to take in your toddler go-bag. Essentials for on-the-go.

Outings with toddlers in tow are always interesting. My husband and I would have a strategic toddler go-bag to help make our family outings successful. Planning for tantrums, hunger, and messes is all part of the process. Putting together a go-bag for your toddler requires some key items.

Keeping your toddler clean, keeping your toddler occupied, and helping them stay comfortable on outings are essential for mom and dad to have a good time. The good news is those toddler go-bag essentials are easy to pack in your toddler’s bag so you have them for every outing. 

I have the best full coverage bib to feature for you too! You will be ready for any outing with your toddler with this list.

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Toddler Go-Bag Essentials

Three main items are key to add to your toddler bag for trips and errands. A great full-coverage bib, easy activities to keep little ones occupied and special comfort items. All three are your toddler go-bag essentials.

Bibbrella Full Coverage Long Sleeve Bib

Keeping your toddler clean when you are out at events keeps you more comfortable. Let’s face it, most little ones are not concerned if they have spilt food on their clothes. The appearance of our kids always matters more to us than them.

Keeping their clothes clean without getting too stressed is easy with the Bibbrella Long Sleeve Bib for Toddlers. The features of this bib are like no other bib on the market!

My super cute neighbor modeled the Bibbrella bib for you. She is adorable and the bib is perfect for toddlers! The Bibbrella bib easily packs into the pouch it comes in or roll it up and tuck it in a pocket of your toddler go-bag.

Bibbrella toddler full coverage bib a go-bag essential.

The best features of the bib are long sleeves, wipes off easily and can be washed in the washer. It has a strap on the back to secure the bib while your child is in a high chair. And, the leg split is perfect to keep the bib from bunching up while seated.

So easy to use! You have to check out the patterns available. They are really unique and beautiful.

Bibbrella bib floral pattern for girls.

The sleeves have elastic that is comfortable so it stays in place while your toddler is eating. How great is this for summer popsicle mess?! Keep those popsicle drips off their clothes while they are playing with friends.

Of course, a change of clothes is always essential in your go-bag for outings. But, the Bibbrella helps keep your toddler clean.

Best of all, it is not expensive at all!

Keep your toddler’s clothes cleaner longer with the Bibbrella full coverage baby bib. It straps in the back to allow it to maintain full coverage. It is the most full-coverage bib for babies and toddlers!

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Easy Activities on the Go

We tried to avoid screen time when our kiddos were preschool age and younger. It is just not healthy for toddlers to be on screens. But, we still want to eat in peace when out at restaurants. We would pack easy activities for them to do while at events.

I love the ease of Kwik Stix. They clean easily with a baby wipe on most surfaces. Bring along a few sheets of extra paper – the drawing pads in the art aisle are great for this. Your toddler can “paint” with no mess right at the table or while picnicking at the park. Kwik Stix are so fun for all ages.

Personalized Books made especially for your toddler and baby are perfect ways to keep them occupied at the restaurant table or in the car driving to events. I made these for each of my kiddos and we used them for years. A toddler go-bag essential are wipeable books. Why not make a couple that are personalized. It’s a great learning activity too.

Special toys that your child can play with are great to have in your bag. Plastic or wood toys that can be wiped off easily make the most sense for outings. Whether at restaurants or in church, the special toys your toddler loves are great to pull out to distract them from being bored or mischievous.

Comfort Objects to Keep Tantrums Away

Comfort objects and loved snacks are the last essential item on this list. A special blanket and fave snacks for kids are keys for keeping tantrums away. If your toddler is feeling a little irritable, snacks can often keep them calm.

Your toddler can snuggle their blanket in your arms while eating a favorite snack. That can often buy you a few more minutes of peace while out at your next family event.

Family hiking with mom and dad carrying kids on their shoulders text reads toddler go-bag essentials.

Key Essentials for Running Errands with Toddlers

These key essentials got us through many family events with toddlers in tow. Toddlers gain so much from getting out and hearing us guide them through how to behave in different environments.

Don’t let having a toddler keep you from getting out and about. Pack the toddler go-bag essentials and get your Bibbrella bib here! (Use code: SAHMSG to get 10% off!!)

What activities do you have planned that will require your toddler go-bag to be stocked and ready to go? Any essential you would add to this list?