How necessary is a baby monitor? Baby standing with stool.

When you are expecting a baby, it is easy to look through lists of recommended items to buy and be uncertain about what will actually be needed. Do you really need a changing table? Or will you change them on the sofa instead? Is a Moses basket needed in addition to a bedside crib?

If you are not certain that you are going to need an item you see on a list, we recommend that you do not buy it straight away and wait to see if you need it.

One item that we think falls into the must-have, but maybe not ahead of the birth, is a baby monitor. A baby monitor allows you to, at a minimum, hear if your child is stirring while they sleep. There are monitors that will allow you to see your child also.

Life Without a Baby Monitor

If you choose not to have a baby monitor in your home, it would be best to keep your child with you. This is so you can check on them easily.

You may have to adjust your evening routine to have lower lighting and volume on the TV. This can be especially difficult if you have older children who are awake after your youngest goes to sleep. This can also be restrictive if you have guests in your home and your child is asleep in the room with you all.

Life With a Baby Monitor

Your life with a baby monitor is so much easier, in our experience. With a baby monitor in place, your baby can be placed in the crib once they have settled for the night. This leaves you free to relax and do the things you enjoy each evening.

A baby monitor will alert you to anytime your child stirs. A sound-only monitor will allow you to hear when this happens.

However, if you invest in a baby monitor that includes a video output, it will make things even easier. A video monitor such as the Nursery Pal monitor from Hubble Connected will allow you to see your baby in real-time when they are in their crib.

Nursery Pal Baby Monitor

The main benefit of a video baby monitor is that you can see whether or not your child is stirring but self-settling or if you will need to go to them to settle them back to sleep.

This is one of the best things we found about the Nursery Pal monitor. The image is so clear that it is as if you are in the room with your child. The ability to relax when your child is sleeping is a huge benefit that is given to you when using a video output baby monitor.

With a portable video screen that you can move around the house as you move, you will be connected to your baby at any time.

However, we recommend not buying a baby monitor too early, depending on your circumstances. If you are planning to keep your baby near to you when you first arrive home, you can avoid another expense before the birth and only buy it when you know you will need it.

Did you use a baby monitor in your home? Which do you recommend?

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Baby's get around. How necessary is a baby monitor? Do you need to buy one before baby is born? Here are some tips for you.