Did you make the list of most powerful women of the last year?  

Every year Fortune magazine lists the 50 most powerful women, in business, but of course this is only one sector of powerful women. I noticed a blog out there that targets busy working moms also had their own list late last year.

Women such as major cable channel news reporters were on it.

Where is the list of moms?

Do you view yourself, a mom, as a leader? You are.

“Leadership is the gift of sacrifice for the benefit of another […]”
-Dr. Geneace Williams

How Moms are Leaders

Recently I read an article about leadership. It struck me as interesting how the descriptions that the author shared applied to Stay-at-Home Moms! The article was instructing readers how to leave a legacy of leadership.  Do you lead your family? 

Are you up first thing in the morning, or as soon as your children decide it’s time to wake?

Do you make financial and health decisions for yourself and your family trying to impart values and self control on everyone while working towards it all yourself?

If you live as an example, whether good or bad, you are leading.Your child looks up to you, and they absorb your lessons as well as your idiosyncrasies. I know my son and daughter have very clear traits from me…not all good…but, it’s a great lesson that they soak up everything.

Moms are leaders. Fortune 500 named their list of most powerful women, but moms are leaders too.

The article, “Be a Legacy Leader,” that quotes Dr. Geneace Williams who founded a leadership development firm, mentions that leaders are intentional, authentic, transparent, influential and impactful. We moms are all of those traits!We make decisions about how to parent and have goals for ourselves and our children that we work to intentionally achieve every day.

Dr. G, as she is referred to, instructs that we live authentically and not try to imitate someone else.  “Don’t profess one lifestyle while living another.” You must live true to who you are in order to be a SAHM otherwise you end up constantly comparing yourself to other moms and feeling very much a failure at this ‘job’ we do every day.  Worse, yet, you could end up feeling like a failure to yourself for not pursuing other routes like a job outside of the home.

To be transparent requires us to explain why we are making certain decisions:“ I am sending you to your room because you are not cleaning up your toys right now.”

It also means, in my opinion, explaining emotions…and showing emotions to your children so they learn how to name and cope with different moods:

“I am feeling sad because Daddy is working far away and it can be hard for Momma to take care of everything by herself.”

With a military husband, and having to ‘go it alone’ many times for days or weeks straight, I tell my children in moments of frustration what I am feeling.  I think too many times moms think they need to hide away when they are frustrated or sad…I would definitely say take a break if you can’t control your emotions to extreme degrees, but don’t always keep it together around your children.

You influence and impact your children and your family every day.

You are the adult they see for the majority of their day-you impact your children and husband.

You are a leader.
Be intentional (you don’t often get a redo). 
Be authentic (no other mom can take your place). 
Be transparent (with a goal in mind, don’t be afraid to explain it). Recognize that you are influential (to your family and other moms…live as an example).

The impact you have may require years to fully develop, but it is happening.


Your impact is felt by your family every single day. I found a quote on Pinterest recently that states, “No one notices what I do until I don’t do it.”  That pretty much sums up being a mom.You impact others.

If you were not teaching your children, maintaining the home as a soft place to land each night, and nourishing your family with all the meals you prepare, who would?  These things are important.

You are a leader.

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You teach your children to lead as well:
”Legacy leadership is possible when you operate outside of comfort…Those who push themselves toward dreams that are bigger create the possibility for reaching what is extraordinary and what will impact others even after the leader is no longer physically present.”
Why aren't moms highlighted as leaders on all the "Powerful Women" lists? Moms ARE leaders too. The most important ones!

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