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Trying to fit in exercise and make healthy choices has been a challenge for me. Juggling 4 kids who all tend to get cranky during dinner prep time has left me choosing convenience and often ordering out more than I like. Top that off with the busy life of a mom-which you know can take up your entire day-that often leaves me wondering when and how to fit in workouts and focused meal planning into my day.

I like to try out ways to workout at home, and simple recipe suggestions that allow me to explore different workouts without having to pay to commit to one class or to attend a gym. That is just not in our budget. Plus, working out at home exposes my kids to exercise too.  (Great for those moments when everyone is getting a little stir-crazy during the hot Summer months or cold winter months.)

Free healthy recipes and fitness videos all to help you become the best version of you.
I have been trying Grokker lately. It is a health database-there are exercise and food resources that help me incorporate a healthier lifestyle into my days as a mom. Workouts that my kids can do with me makes it fun for all of us and allows me to get my me time in while the kids get moving too. That’s why Grokker is so easy-I signed up (for free) to follow a series of workouts, and time it so that I can workout during nap time, after the kids go to sleep, or even in the middle of the day to get them moving with me. I get to fit it in when it works best for me.


The fitness videos include cardio, toning, yoga and even some fun animal movements (see, the kids will like it too). I can find a variety of workouts to get a balanced routine in and avoid boredom-all for free. Yummy recipes are included so you can try a new smoothie recipe after your workout. The kids can help you make it and they get to benefit from the healthy choice too.


You can view Yoga videos, Fitness videos, and even Cooking videos for learning a new healthy recipe. I am eager to view the videos in the Slow Cooking 101 series like Asian Chicken and Sweet Potato Chili. I have been wanting to find new and unique slow cooker recipe to try! I just view the video, print the recipe and add the ingredients to my shopping list. Healthy and simple!


This is completely free. No kidding! That is what I love-sharing free resources that help us all find more joy in the role of mom and homemaker. This is truly a one-stop shop for moms-totally free resources! There is an option to upgrade the series available to you.


For more visit the Grokker website. Get healthy in free and easy ways to become a better version of you. 

How do you fit in exercise and meal planning into your week? Share in the comments below-I’d love to read what works for you!