JASE Medical case, five emergency antibiotics and usage guide are a great tool to keep in your emergency preparedness kit.

The last two years we endured the pandemic. As I write this, war is happening in eastern Europe. Whenever the world seems to be heading towards chaos and confusion, I lean in – to my marriage, my children, my home and most importantly my faith. That is my focus for this quick prep list to prepare for emergencies.

Prepping has been on my mind. I think it is wise to prepare for challenges. Although everyone has their own idea about the definition and necessary extent of “prepping, ” it never hurts to be prepared for short term or long term emergencies.

We learned that from the recent pandemic. We see the need now as we watch and learn from global conflict.

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Why Prepping Your Home and Family for Emergencies is Important

The most important lesson I take away from the 2020-2022 pandemic journey is to prepare my home to be a safe place. That includes equipping it with the essentials.

If hospitals are full, if the electrical grid goes down, if we ever have more lockdowns, my goal is to make my home an equipped shelter in place space for my family.

My goal is to make my home an equipped shelter-in-place space for my family.

Even major storms like tornadoes and hurricanes can cause disruptions to our daily lives. We see this in the news all the time.

When we lived in Virginia, our electricity went out for multiple days in a row. The cause was a major thunderstorm. Nothing out of the ordinary. But, we had to shelter in place and weather the emergency.

Food we had stored helped us avoid getting take out every night. Basic health supplies we stocked meant we could stay off the roads as the storm cleanup took place.

During the pandemic, we also had major disruptions to our healthcare. Clinic appointments were very limited. Because of that, the kids and I all missed well checks over the past 2 years. We had to support our health at home to the best of our abilities.

Five emergency antibiotics in the JASE case are an essential prep item for your kit.

What You Need to Prepare for Emergencies at Home

The need to be prepared has never been more beneficial. Those who started years ago are eating less expensive food from their pantries. They stored food back when prices were lower. This helps them limit their grocery shopping now with the higher prices.

Stocking up on canned foods, paper products, and cleaning supplies is another aspect to consider. Pandemics limit how frequently we can go to the store. Major world supply chain issues limit our access to restocking basic supplies.

Preparing for emergencies is different than hoarding. Being prepared to handle a power outage, tornado recovery or supply chain limitations is just smart. As primary caregivers in our homes, it is our job to be prepared.

The pantry, the cupboards and the medicine cabinet are the essential areas to stock well. These 3 areas of the home help to keep your family safe and cared for no matter what emergency may happen next.

Preparing for Medical Needs

JASE Emergency Antibiotic Kit is another essential tool in a prepared home. The “Jase Case” is made by doctors and prescribed by doctors – for patients everywhere.

Quick prep tip to keep emergency antibiotics in a JASE case medical kit.

Jase Medical is an online telemedicine service that offers antibiotics for your emergency preparedness kit. JASE Medical’s goal is to help empower patients with the tools necessary to take action and care for themselves and their loved ones too.

Going to preventative health appointments is so important. If a storm hits or you are traveling without your regular doctor closeby, being prepared helps you navigate through.

The JASE Emergency antibiotic kit gives me a supply of critical antibiotics. Ordering them was as easy as filling out a quick form. Within less than a week, I had my JASE emergency antibiotic kit delivered to me.

Quick prep list: JASE Medical kit

The JASE case includes five antibiotics that will help in situations where we have an emergency. This is a great emergency medical kit to have at home if we need to shelter in place for a time.

The included guidebook clearly lists how to use each antibiotic safely. The guess work has been removed.

Included guidebook with the emergency medical kit.

This kit is one more tool in my home’s toolbox for being prepared. Whether for the effects of bad weather, another lockdown, or any unforeseen chaotic event, we can weather the storm. That gives me peace of mind.

A quality water filter, a stocked pantry of healthy foods, preventative health tools and the JASE Emergency medical kit all keep my home and family safe no matter what we face in the coming months and years ahead.

JASE Medical Emergency Antibiotic Kit is a tool to help in your home during these difficult to navigate times. Not knowing what is coming next, means preparing is key.

JASE Medical handles everything from online evaluation, to licensed pharmacy medication delivery, and ongoing consultation and care.

Prep kit for emergencies. Keep your family safe and cared for with this quick prep list for emergencies.

To get your own JASE Emergency Antibiotic Kit:

  1. Fill out our simple online form for an evaluation from a board-certified physician.
  2. Your medication will be sent directly to your home from their pharmacy network.
  3. You can send your physician a message for answers to any treatment related questions.

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The Prepping Essentials

Whether you will be traveling, want to be prepared for seasonal extreme weather events, or are prepared to shelter in place at home, preparing the essentials is where to start. This quick prep list to prepare for emergencies will help. No matter what chaos erupts in the world, we can navigate it this way:

  • Keep your household binder for emergencies updated.
  • Maintain a supply of non-perishable food and filtered water.
  • Have your JASE Medical Antibiotic Kit ready with your basic health-supporting supplies.

Taking care of our families and ourselves is job #1. With this quick prep list to prepare for emergencies, we can make sure our households are ready to handle an emergency. Being prepared is a step towards success in caring for our families.

What are you doing these days to be prepared for the challenges? Do you recommend any prepping essentials that need to be added to this list?

Prepare for Emergencies with this quick prep list to shelter-in-place at home.