Lagging energy, feeling like we are losing ourselves while running to stay balanced each day at home-these are pretty common issues all moms face and feel on a daily basis. I was really feeling lost in the midst of motherhood. My health was not even on my to-do list each day. It was survival mode before I found this plan and then, everything shifted.

Although there is no fast fix to health and lifestyle, there is a fix. It is a two-pronged approach to health, exercise and balance as we take care of our health so we can give to our families each day. It can all work together. It just takes a plan, focus and accountability.

We’ve packaged the 60-Day Fitness Plan for Moms to allow you to use the two-prong approach to reach your health goals. This two-prong approach combines solid workouts with weekly meal plans to help you take the stress out of living a healthy lifestyle.

With 60 days of workouts that include rest days, modifications and do not require special equipment you will be able to fit in working out at home even as a busy mom. The 9 weeks of meal plans provide that extra level of focus to eat healthier, teach your family to live a healthy lifestyle and feel more balanced as a mom.

The Fitness Plan for Moms packaged as an exclusive ebook bundle is available here on the SAHM Guide for you. 

Let’s go over the benefits of the fitness plan bundle. And, we can detail exactly what you will receive in this guide when you purchase your copy to use at home. Once you have this 60-Day Fitness Plan, it is yours to use over and over again.

Benefits of the Fitness Plan for Moms

-Focused, streamlined workouts that target key muscle groups.

-Workouts fit within the day of a busy mom

-Workouts can be done without special equipment at home.

-Split the workouts into sessions, or complete the entire day’s circuit at one time.

-No need to spend gym fees or spend hours working out to get the effects.

-Kids can workout with you.

-Healthy meals planned out for 9 weeks

-Kid-approved recipes to reduce meal planning stress

-Feel more organized, healthy and balanced

What you get in the 60-Day Fitness Plan Bundle?

-60 day workout program prepared by a former personal trainer

-60 workouts that can be done at home and you do not need any special equipment

-60 days of fitness and health education materials to help educate yourself and others

-9 weeks of dinner meal plans to prep healthy meals throughout the week.

-a COMPLETE 60-day fitness plan for moms


Everything included above is packaged together for your use at the low introductory price of $12.99!

I used this fitness plan and saw results within 2 weeks. It is proven that if you focus on the daily workouts and eat healthy meals, your fitness goals can be in reach. We want to help you stay focused and accountable with this Complete fitness plant! (Results cannot be guaranteed since everyone’s fitness and dedication levels are different.)

Get your Fitness Plan Bundle and start your path to a healthier life.

Get your fitness plan kit, follow it for 2 months, and then stop back here to share your thoughts and testimonies. I cannot wait to read them. This is the goals reset that you need!

>>Buy your 60-Day Fitness Plan for Moms to include the 60 days of workouts and 9 weeks of meal plans in the SAHM Guide shop. Today is a great day for a new start, a reset, and a healthier more balanced YOU. Get the bundle today.<<

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