Have you asked yourself this question since becoming a mom: "Why can't I go to the bathroom alone?" I have...among many other questions moms are very familiar with when parenting.

I was in a port-a-potty with the twins. Twin toddlers in one of the most disgusting entrapments known to humankind. A perk of living in a developed world is we usually do not have to squat in the woods to relieve ourselves, but often we moms know we have to answer the call of nature with spectators.

Trying to, well, go, while trying to tell the twins pretty much nonstop “don’t touch,” “that’s yucky,” “please leave it alone,” made me feel like I was going to lose my cool. I remained calm, quickly finished in the port-a-potty, and then tried to usher the twins to the hand sanitizer before they put their hands anywhere.

I need caution tape when I use the restroom, because the twins rarely even give me one-arm’s distance to take care of things. They are so enthralled with the goings on. Sometimes, I do lock the door before they can get into the bathroom just to provide myself with a little privacy. It is either hear knocking and whining outside the door, or have company while on the toilet.

Every mom I know has said it at least once. “Can’t I just go to the bathroom alone? Is that too much to ask?”

The answer? Yes.

Yes it is too much to ask.


We moms like time alone. Getting to bedtime can become the goal of the tough days. (Lord, just let me make it to bedtime!)

How many times have you logged into Facebook to see a mom-friend who has posted, “Is it bedtime yet? I’m done!”

I have seen that in my newsfeed a time or ten. I have posted versions of that as my status update at least a few times.

I don’t know a mom who has easy days every day. Looking back I now feel when I had my first child things were fairly easy manageable. The days felt challenging, it felt tiring, but assessing my 4-child household now I laugh at my earlier self. I understand that I did not know then what I know now. Tough then was different than tough now, but it is all challenge I have faced on each step of my motherhood journey.

Now, I see an almost-8-year old who does not ask me every single morning for a waffle for breakfast. No, now he just grabs the bag of waffles out of the freezer and pops them into the toaster himself. A few mornings, he even popped a few more waffles into the toaster for his 3 siblings while I was still in bed (not asleep, but listening to the beauty of it all). It is motherhood heaven!

If I was not here, he would not starve. He’d get an overdose of carbs and sugars, but he would not die of starvation.

Those moments when I pushed past wanting some space, resisted the desire to be alone, wished for less clingy kids, they all led me to teaching my children independence. Life lessons for them and now they are life lessons for me as I recognize the benefits.

All of my kids are not quite this independent yet, but it is coming. My preschooler dresses herself, brushes her teeth, and often tries to brush her hair all on her own. She sometimes does not want help. Other times she still asks-or is gently reminded that she needs it. She can make her own peanut butter sandwich if needed and even occasionally asks to do it on her own.

They are learning. I think about the fact that it was being around me and our daily routines at home that taught them how to do these things. Even the smallest of tasks, the simple things we do without thinking they are much of anything-like using the restroom.

There are days when I feel down or frustrated when I have taught my children a skill many times over, and they still don’t understand it enough to do it on their own. I constantly have to attend, help, pay attention, and guide.

Repeat, repeat, repeat…

Why can’t I go to the bathroom alone?

Why do I have to say that again?

Why aren’t you listening to me?

When are you going to learn?


Now to myself I ask: “When are you going to recognize all that they are learning, all that you have taught them?”

It takes a lot of repetition to learn life’s lessons. As an adult I am still learning.

Children need to see us day-in-and-day out doing the cooking, cleaning, playing, reading and even (gasp) the crucial task of visiting the bathroom when needed to LEARN how to do it.

They do not just need us to tell them how, they almost desire that we show them. With our actions-on the small and larger tasks every day-we show them how to stay alive, be healthy, live with kindness and care, rest, exercise, and to always learn more.

We belittle our work as moms (and it is work…work that benefits from full-time status). We look down on the housekeeping, cooking, cleaning, and parenting, but aren’t those tasks important? When our children are adults won’t they need to clean a home, cook a healthy meal, and be as present as possible to parent their children effectively?

I need to recognize that the little things are major steps of my children learning life lessons-even when I want more space in the bathroom.


What times of the day are hardest for you to enjoy your children being ever-present?

Why can't I go to the bathroom alone? and other questions moms ask during motherhood.


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