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{This week: Post by Lisa Brown}

What is the number one Christmas gift this year? It just may be the best Christmas gift to give someone every year.

I’ve been struggling with feeling lonely and forgotten.

My friends and family members have been busy with their own life and schedules.  I have too.

I’m personally going through a rough time right now as our family is faced with some challenges.   My friends know very little about how I am doing.   I would appreciate their care and prayers.

And I can’t help but wonder if they need prayer too.  A visit is long overdue.

I feel like the tree in A Wish To be A Christmas Tree, the read aloud book on Youtube.  

The story is about an old tree in the forest that does not get picked to be taken home for Christmas.

As the story goes, boys and girls joyfully look for a Christmas tree to cut down.  All the trees want to be picked for Jesus Birthday!  It truly is an honor to be a Christmas tree.

Standing amongst the young trees is a tired old one who never gets picked and this makes him very sad.  He has always wished to be a Christmas tree.   Just when he gives up something wonderful happens.

The woodland friends reach out to him!

They realize that they never showed their sad friend how much they treasured him.  He has always been a safe place for them to hangout and live.   A home for little birds to nest and for deer’s with tired feet to make their bed under his branches.

Together the woodland animals give their tree friend his wish.

They collect acorns and berries to decorate his branches for Christmas.  Crows gather shiny strands from their nest and one finds a golden star.

Gently they set the star on top of the tree for the world to see and colorful singing bird’s perch on the branches like ornaments.

His wish to be a Christmas tree has come to be.

He smiles at each woodland friend as they take turns telling him how he has been a friend to them.   In awe he finally understands that being a friend is very special and his purpose is to stay on the farm for all the little critters to congregate.

Oh how I love this story! 

I sometimes feel like this old tree.  I’ve had moments of overlooking the significance of what I do as a wife, mom, friend and writer.  I need reminders from time to time that what I do matters.

We all do!  And Momma friends out there, WHAT YOU DO IS MEANINGFUL, IMPORTANT, AND YOU ARE A BLESSING.

I don’t let others know nearly enough how important they are to me and during this Christmas season I would like to show them by giving them my time, attention,  and gratitude.

It’s time for me to take the initiative and show others that I care. I want to slow down, change my schedule, and make it happen.

Quality time together is valuable! Connection helps us and others share life’s ups and downs.  We all want to feel significant.

I’ve learned that when I give my time to others I receive warm greetings and love in return.

What is the number one Christmas gift this year? It just may be the best Christmas gift to give someone every year.

How about you?  What are you doing to spend time with other this year?

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